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Up to 60 hryvnia per cubic meter. January gas prices rose

Monthly prices offered by the companies for January reach 60 hryvnia per cubic meter. TAS Energy of the Country offers gas at UAH 57.5 per cubic meter (in December and November 2021 – UAH 38.35, in October – UAH 30.06, in September – UAH 20.96 per cubic meter).

However, there are better deals on the market. In particular, Galnaftogaz kept the monthly tariff for January at UAH 7.99 per cubic meter.

Most vendors have dropped their monthly rates, leaving only an annual offer. In particular, this applies to companies under the brand name “Tvoy Gazsbyt”, which account for most of the market. Nor does Naftogaz of Ukraine offer a monthly tariff.

Annual tariff plans remain much more profitable. Basic fixed prices, as before, will range from 7.80 to 11.99 hryvnia per cubic meter. Most companies have set annual prices up to 9 hryvnia per cubic meter. Several companies offer an annual tariff below 8 hryvnia, in particular, Naftogaz Ukrainy GC – 7.96 hryvnia per cubic meter.

As RBC-Ukraine reported, at the end of April, gas suppliers to the population announced their annual tariffs, which will be in effect from May 1, 2021. Prices were about 8 hryvnia per cubic meter and more. Suppliers are not allowed to increase these rates until May 2022.

The state company NAK “Naftogaz of Ukraine” has created a balancing group and, within its framework, offers gas to suppliers on the wholesale market for the needs of the population at 7.42 hryvnia / cubic meter. This price was formed back in the spring of 2021.

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