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Up to 2 euros per litre: why is refueling so expensive?

Prices at the pump continue to rise. In recent weeks, the rise has been so strong that the symbolic bar of 2 euros per liter has been exceeded.

By Hugo Romani for Le Point

Prices at the pump continue to rise, even exceeding 2 euros per litre.
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HAS the pump, the amounts continue to increase week after week. This Sunday, August 27, as indicated by TF1 Info, prices are soaring in such a way that the symbolic bar of 2 euros per liter of gasoline has been crossed. “Oil prices have increased over the past two months by around 15%,” said Flavien Neuvy, director of the Cetelem observatory at LCI. However, it should be remembered that this increase is not a first. Such prices had been observed at the end of last year, before rebates made it possible to lower prices at the pump. Now, these are over, leading de facto to an increase in the price.

The summer period, which corresponds to holidays and therefore to long car journeys, reinforces this feeling of loss of purchasing power. And this increase in the price of fuel does not happen alone, being accompanied by an increase in the cost of living, in particular electricity. With the start of the school year approaching, the car will now once again become an instrument of work and daily life. The burden will only seem heavier for low-income households and the middle class.

The cheaper diesel

According to the data collected by Le Figaro, the average price of a liter of Unleaded 98 would amount to 2.0089 euros, while SP 95 and E10 would come dangerously close to the fateful bar of 2 euros. Over the year 2023, SP 98 increased by 5.8%.

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On the other hand, the price of diesel fell by 1.5%. Thus, this fuel went from being the most expensive to the 1er January to… that of the most financially advantageous today. A reason to be reassured, however: after having exploded (+ 13.7%) in July, the price of a barrel of oil seems to be stabilizing.

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