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Unión por la Patria accelerates the campaign and Cristina Kirchner returns to show herself with Sergio Massa

It will be this afternoon at an event organized for the 15th anniversary of the renationalization of Aerolíneas Argentinas.

In the middle of the electoral campaign for the PASO of August, Cristina Kirchner will be shown again this Monday with the Minister of Economy and presidential candidate of Unión por la Patria, Sergio Massa.

It will be this afternoon, at 4:00 p.m., in an act organized for the 15th anniversary of the renationalization of Aerolíneas Argentinas. It will be the Third time that Cristina Kirchner accompanies the leader of the Renovation Front since his nomination to succeed Alberto Fernández, accompanied by Agustín Rossi, was confirmed.

It was the same former president who, after noon, confirmed their participation in this afternoon’s activity in a tweet posted on his official account. “Today at 4:00 p.m. in Ezeiza, together with @SergioMassa and @ceriani_pablo, we are going to participate in the presentation of the new @Aerolineas_AR flight simulator, on the 15th anniversary of the recovery of our flagship airline,” he said.

On the first of the other two occasions on which Cristina Kirchner and Sergio Massa appeared together in the middle of the campaign, it was at the presentation of a plane used during the dictatorship to carry out the so-called “flights of death”, in an act that made at the Aeroparque Military Aerostation (AMA).

There he launched Massa as a candidate for president, chosen as the man of the Unión por la Patria unit, and struck down Alberto Fernández.

It was a speech lasting around 45 minutes, before an audience of officials, with no journalists in the room and almost no militants present, in which Cristina once again took center stage and revealed in detail how the negotiations that led to the presentation of Massa’s candidacy and in the decision to drop Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro as candidate.

But the hottest message was against the President, of whom he said that “he was flagged in making a STEP”. Incredibly, Fernández himself had given an opening message prior to the same act in which the vice hit him hard.

The second of the presentations of Massa and Cristina in the campaign had a different flavor than the first: this time Alberto Fernández was present. It was at the inauguration of the President Néstor Kirchner gas pipeline, in Salliqueló, on July 9, Independence Day.

And unlike the previous occasion, the vice president spared herself criticism for the President, but practically ignored him in the whole act. What he did repeat was the wave of praise for Massa.

Kirchnerism’s attempt to show unity did not prevent Cristina, despite being the intermediary speaker, from giving the longest speech and thus marking the political line of the act, praising the candidate Massa, which he himself paid to her, and ignoring the current president, who was sitting to his left.

“I want to thank you Sergio, for the strength you put into the gas pipeline, but for the strength you have been putting into it since you were a minister; the truth is, you took charge at a very difficult, very complex moment, you didn’t wrinkle, you go forward and that is always good“, the Vice told the current head of Economy.

As happened two weeks before at Aeroparque, Cristina did not at any time mention Juan Grabois, the other pre-candidate for president in the Unión por la Patria PASO, present in Salliqueló.

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