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Ultimatum of the bus drivers’ union: if there is no agreement, the drivers of the interior will go on strike on Monday

The general secretary of the bus drivers’ union, Roberto Fernandez, warned that his guild will go on strike next week in the interior – on Monday at midnight the current mandatory conciliation dictated by the Ministry of Labor expires – in case there is no agreement in the joint of the drivers.

“I hope that COFETRA (Federal Transportation Committee) recognizes the budget for the employers so that we can find a solution to our salary claim, which we agreed with them, but these businessmen have not appeared at the three hearings called. We have another one this Friday and we hope you will show up, if not we will have to go to a strike”Fernandez said in radio statements.

end of april there was already a similar protest of the union for the claim that it maintains to equate the salaries of drivers of provincial lines with those of Greater Buenos Aires.

Claudius Moron. Minister of Labor. He dictated the mandatory conciliation.

This Monday the UTA was going to start a strike for 72 hours, but it was lifted after the decision of the Ministry of Labor to dictate the mandatory conciliation for five more days.

“What we do not understand is the governors who agreed a long time ago that they were going to take charge, with the money that the Government sends them, of a contribution to cover the costs of the businessmen and in those costs is the salary of the workers. . But now they don’t come to the hearings, it’s something we see kind of weird. If they are political issues, we have nothing to do with the political issueFernandez said.

“The Government has transferred 46 billion pesos to all the provinces and the rest of the expense has to be paid by the provinces, because the transport belongs to each province. The businessmen agreed that we are going to have the same salary as here in the AMBA but they do not go to the hearings. We have to make a conflict, a measure, which is not our intention”, raised the trade unionist.

Regarding the parity issue against the inflationary advance, Fernández insisted that they depend not only on the good will of the businessmen but also on the articulation of the subsidies granted by the nation and that “for some reason they do not arrive, they are not there.”

Repudiation of the attack on the buses

On the other hand, Fernández repudiated the attack with a burst of shots suffered by two buses that were returning to Mar del Plata on highway 2, on Tuesday night.

“From the UTA we want to express our most energetic repudiation of the very serious episode of violence. These acts of brutal insecurity must be clarified by justice, those responsible and perpetrators punished, and without a doubt they have to set off the alarms in the political authority that it will have to redouble its efforts to prevent and prosecute crime,” he said in a press release.

Roberto Fernandez, head of the UTA.

Roberto Fernandez, head of the UTA.

“From the union organization we have been claiming for a long time against the deterioration of the provincial routes, the asphalt tape, the signage that is so often absent or insufficient, and the measures of integral prevention of the acts of insecurity”.

“Today, once again, we have to insist on the urgency of protecting by all means the people who transit our routes. We demand answers from the Justice and the political authorities that, in order to attend to other matters, so often forget to do what is important,” he said. trade unionist in the statement.

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