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Ultimatum from the European Union to Musk and Zuckerberg over Israel: it gave them 24 hours to explain how they will avoid disinformation

The owner of the social network X (formerly Twitter)Elon Musk, He assured today, in the face of accusations from the European Commission that his platform hosts “terrorist content” after the Hamas attacks in Israel, that his company has an “open and transparent” code, and asked the European organization to make known the violations that they allege.

“Our policy is for everything to be open source and transparent, an approach I know the EU supports,” Musk responded to a letter sent today by Internal Market Commissioner, Thierry Bretonand published in X.

The European Commission gave Musk 24 hours this Tuesday to inform it of the measures his company is applying to eliminate the “terrorist” and “illegal content” which according to Brussels is circulating on the social network about the Hamas attack on Israel last Saturday, with hundreds of dead and wounded.

“Following Hamas’ terrorist attacks against Israel, we have indications that your platform is being used to spread illegal content and disinformation in the EU,” Breton said in the letter to Musk.

Specifically, he assured that public media and civil society organizations “widely” report that false and manipulated images of armed conflicts that are not related to the war between Israel and Hamas, or military images, have appeared on the social network. “which actually originated in video games.”

In his response, the millionaire businessman asked the Commission to list the violations to which they make reference in the letter so that the public can see them.

Breton also asked Musk to contact the police authorities and was in favor of carrying out an investigation against X, to which sanctions could be imposed.

Goal, also in sight

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta. Reuters Photo

After sending a warning letter to Musk, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, also responded to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with a request to contact the competent authorities within 24 hours.

To respond to complaints Meta has “24 hours to offer a timely, accurate and complete response” to requests from Brussels about online disinformation and to combat the wave of “deep fakes” around the Israel conflict and the upcoming EU elections.

In the letter sent to the major owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, the French commissioner highlighted “a series of recent serious events” regarding the “fake news” detected on the Meta platform, recalling “the precise obligations regarding content moderation ” provided for in the Digital Services Act (DSA), the EU reference law that came into force in November 2022. In case of “non-compliance” with EU rulesthe letter states, Meta could incur “sanctions.”

“Following the terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas against Israel, we are facing a wave of illegal content and disinformation spread in the EU through certain platforms,” ​​Breton warned.

In addition, he urged Zuckerberg to be as attentive as possible to “ensure strict compliance with DSA regulations, that require rapid, diligent and objective action” from the platforms, following “reports of illegal content and the introduction of proportional and effective mitigation measures”

The EU commissioner asked the founder of the Menlo Park-based company to also act to counter “fake news” about the elections, and invited him to inform his team “without delay” of the details of the measures taken to mitigate the “deepfakes“, in light of the upcoming elections in Poland, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Belgium, Croatia, Romania and Austria in the European Parliament.”

“Following the Hamas terrorist attacks against Israel, we quickly established an operations center made up of experts, including Hebrew and Arabic speakers, to closely monitor the rapidly evolving situation in real time“said a Meta spokesperson.

“Our teams work tirelessly to maintain the security of our platform, act on content that violates our policies or local laws, and coordinate with third parties who are in the conflict region and can verify the facts, to limit thus the spread of misinformation. We will continue this work throughout the conflict,” he added.

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