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Ukraine rejects an armistice that leaves it worse off than before the war

Smoke clouds over the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. / Reuters

The Zelensky government insists on recovering all the terror that the country had in 1991, including Crimea and the rebel territory of Donbas. The peace agreement “could take from several days to a week and a half,” according to his advisers.

The advisor to the Ukrainian Presidency, Oleksiy Arestovich, declared this Thursday that the head of the Ukrainian State, Volodímir Zelenski, “demands that the possible agreement with Russia -currently under negotiation- for the cessation of hostilities must recognize the existing borders of Ukraine in 1991”, when Crimea and the rebel territory of Donbas were part of the country. “Everything we agree on must be better than what was there before the war. If not, what good would the victims suffered by the Ukrainian people have been? », During the current conflict with Russia, Arestovich wondered in the course of his usual daily appearance.

He warned that “we will never give up our national interests” and accused Moscow of “leading a powerful information and psychological operation to try to convince everyone that Ukraine allegedly refuses to negotiate peace with Russia or loses in those talks.” The presidential adviser also deplored that “realizing that it is not succeeding militarily, Russia bombs civilian targets, something already traditional for the Russian Army.”

For his part, Mijailo Podoliak, another of Zelenski’s close collaborators, called this Thursday for the creation of a new world coalition against President Vladimir Putin, since NATO, in his opinion, is proving incapable. “What matters to us is not the status of the organization, but the allies who are willing to fight with us. The invasion of Ukraine has shown that the entire architecture of European security must be reconsidered,” Podoliak said in an interview with the Polish newspaper ‘Wiadomosci’.

In his words, “we know that Putin can only be stopped by force. NATO does not have that strength (…) That is why we want to end this war with a new coalition so powerful that it is able to stop Russia if it wants to attack someone again. He did not reveal which countries could be part of that bloc, but pointed to Poland as the main ally. “Poland today is one of Ukraine’s best friends. We are infinitely grateful for the help provided and we believe that Poland and Ukraine should participate together in all negotiations on European security,” Podoliak said.

security in the future

Regarding the current negotiations with Russia, the Ukrainian Presidency official said that “the ceasefire and the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukraine are key aspects of the peace agreement (…) but we also want to develop a concrete mechanism that guarantee our safety in the future.” He assured that reaching the peace agreement with Russia “could take from several days to a week and a half.”

Podoliak also noted that an armistice now “would only end the acute phase of the conflict (…) but I doubt that the war for Ukraine will end there. Russia has been and will be an aggressor. Expansion is the only ideology of it and, of course, they are not going to abandon it. We are sure that Putin will continue his great power policy ».

Meanwhile, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitri Peskov, made it clear that his country is not going to heed the ruling of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to stop its military offensive against Ukraine. “We cannot consider compliance with such an order (…) for this, the consent of both parties would be required and there is no agreement on it,” explained Peskov, partly clearing up the doubts about the impasse situation in which they find themselves. talks to stop the war.

In search of capitulation

The French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian, estimated in an interview with the newspaper ‘Le Parisien’ that Russia “pretends to negotiate.” Le Drian believes that Moscow acts according to the “usual triptych: indiscriminate bombing, supposed humanitarian ‘corridors’ and imitation of negotiations.” According to his point of view, “Russia rejects a ceasefire for now (…) seeks the capitulation of Ukraine.”

In an interview with the Japanese television channel TBS, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko suggested that the best solution for the Ukrainian president in the current situation would be to sign a peace agreement with Russia, under its conditions, otherwise Ukraine would face imminent surrender. “Russia is offering Ukraine, I know for sure, an absolutely acceptable version of the deal. And today it is still possible that Ukraine and Russia will come to an agreement and Zelensky will sign that agreement with Putin. But if the Ukrainian president does not accept it, then, believe me, he will have to sign the act of capitulation ».

anniversary of annexation

Russia is preparing to celebrate this Friday the eighth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea. The deputy chairman of the Duma (Lower House of the Russian Parliament), Pyotr Tolstoy, said that “a great rally-concert will take place in Moscow, in Poklónnaya Gorá in support of the president and the special operation in Ukraine”, with the expected presence of thousands of attendees. Officials from different levels have been ordered to attend, according to the opposition party Yábloko, and buses have been chartered to transport personnel from different locations in the province. There will be snacks for everyone, and perhaps, like last year, a few rubles to “break even.”

However, according to Peskov, Putin will not attend the event in the Russian capital this year “nor will he travel to Crimea.” Last year, on March 18, a concert in honor of the seventh anniversary of Crimea’s “integration” into Russia was held at Moscow’s Luzhniki Stadium, and Putin gave a speech there.

After a referendum that the OSCE considered without guarantees, 96% of the inhabitants of the peninsula, until then belonging to Ukraine, declared themselves to become part of Russia. The consultation was carried out under a regime of military occupation. The top Russian leader signed the annexation decree on March 18, 2014. Ukraine and Western countries refuse to recognize Crimea as Russian territory, but Putin says that it is an issue “that has been historically closed and out of any kind.” of negotiation”.

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