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Ukraine kickboxing champion dies in Russian bombing

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues to accumulate victims linked to the world of sports. As reported by Ukrainian media, the Ukrainian kickboxing legend Yevhen Zvonok has died at the age of 22 due to the bombings carried out by Russia on the city of Chernigov, one of the most besieged on the way of Russian troops to Kiev.

Zvonok, Ukrainian champion of the modality and who achieved a silver medal in the World Cup, decided to enlist in the ranks of the Ukrainian army to defend his country.

The young sportsman was caught in one of the Chernigov city bombers while he was in a school. It was this Tuesday when his body was found in the rubble. His trainer Sergey Lysyukhas reported his death.

“He was starting his sports career, last year he was second in the Kicboxing World Cup and champion of Ukraine. We were preparing to attend international competitions and at the end of March he had to face the Ukrainian championship in Odessa, where we would go with him,” he lamented.

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