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Ukraine decorated the soldier who turned an insult into a war cry against Russia

A Ukrainian soldier who told an officer on a Russian warship “Fuck off” at the beginning of the invasion he was awarded a medal this Tuesday in Ukraine. His phrase became a war cry

Roman Hrybov had been released as part of a prisoner exchange and he was awarded a medal for his servicesas reported on Tuesday by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense and reproduced by the British newspaper Guardian.

This soldier was a border guard on Snake Island, a rocky outpost south of the port of Odessawhen it came under Russian air and sea bombardment on the first day of the invasion.

When the Russians asked the detachment to lay down their arms, Hrybov responded by radio: “Russian warship, fuck you“.

The President of Ukraine, Volodmir Zelenskysaid that every guard who fell dead at that post would posthumously receive the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Many of them had been captured by Russia, as in the case of Hrybov.

“All those who were taken prisoner were exchanged. Russia put forward this proposal. We exchanged them without hesitation… Those who died are heroesZelensky said about it.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that Hrybov was already at home in the city of Cherkassyand tweeted a video in which he is seen receiving a medal for his actions.

They decorated an iconic Ukrainian soldier. Photo capture.

According to the Guardian text, signed by Pjotr ​​Sauerthe recordings of the radio exchange on the Snake Island became viral on the Internet and various social networks.

The phrase became a rallying cry for Ukraine’s defenders, and was even commemorated on a postage stamp by the Ukrainian postal service.

The use of the phrase by Ukrainian society was praised as one of the examples of how the country withstands the Russian invasion by non-military means.


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