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UK will send this weapon to Ukraine, a big decision taken to save it from Russia

Ukraine War: The UK has supported Ukraine since the beginning of Russia’s invasion

Ukraine in the face of Russian attacks To strengthen (Ukraine) Britain (UK) has already taken two steps forward. Britain said on Wednesday that it will send more weapons, especially anti-tank missiles, to Ukraine so that the Eastern European country can counter Russian attacks. Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace told the House of Commons, the lower house of the British Parliament, that Britain would send 1,615 more missiles in addition to the 2,000 light tank missiles already sent. Long-range Javelin missiles and a small consignment of surface-to-air missiles are also included in the new supply of weapons.


Earlier, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky directly addressed the House of Commons of Britain. He urged British lawmakers to declare Russia a “terrorist state” and called for tougher sanctions on Moscow to “ensure Ukraine remains safe”.

Britain’s Defense Secretary told Members of Parliament, “I can tell the House that we will send 3,615 LLAW (anti-tank missiles) and will continue to supply more.” We will also start supplying small batches of anti-tank Javelin missiles very soon. ,

“In response to a request from Ukraine, the government has decided to explore the possibility of donating the Starstrike anti-aircraft missile,” he said. We believe that this system will remain within the definition of a defensive weapon, but will help Ukrainian troops defend their skies in a much better way.

“We are also increasing the supply of rations, medical equipment and other non-lethal military aid,” he said.

The minister emphasized that the British government was committed to supplying defensive systems and not escalating war.

“Russia is changing its strategy and so Ukraine needs to do the same,” he said.

A total of 14 countries, including Sweden and Finland, have supplied weapons.

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