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UK will give long-range missiles to Ukraine, bypassing Putin’s “warnings”

UK not scared by Putin’s threat


More than three months have passed since the Russian-Ukraine War between Russia and Ukraine, but there is no sign of the end of the war yet. In the midst of the ongoing war between the two countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened Western countries. Russian President Vladimir Putin has said in a stern tone that if Western countries deliver long-range rockets to Ukraine, Russia will also target places that have so far remained untouched by attacks.


Britain said on Monday it would send a long-range missile system to Ukraine, ignoring warnings from Russian President Vladimir Putin. The MLRS is considered extremely helpful in helping to save Ukraine from Russian aggression. The ministry said the M270 launchers, which can engage targets up to 80 kilometers (50 miles) away with precision-guided rockets, would significantly increase the capability of the Ukrainian forces.

The US announced last week that it would give Kyiv its high-mobility artillery rocket system, known as HIMAR, to launch multiple precision-guided missiles simultaneously. However, US President Joe Biden has refused to supply missile systems to Russia, despite repeated demands by Kyiv. The move comes after Putin warned that Moscow would attack new “targets” if the West supplied missiles to Ukraine. Which will make the war longer.

Britain’s Defense Secretary Ben Wallace insisted, “We are with Ukraine in this fight.” “As Russia’s strategy changes, so should Ukraine’s support. These highly capable multi-launch rocket systems will help our Ukrainian friends better defend themselves against the brutal use of long-range artillery,” he said. which Putin’s army has used indiscriminately to level cities.”

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Britain’s Defense Ministry said Ukrainian troops would be trained on how to use the launchers in the UK, so that they could “maximize the effectiveness of these systems”. Let us tell you that London has so far offered more than 750 million pounds ($937 million, 874 million euros) in military aid to Ukraine, including air defense systems, thousands of anti-tank missiles and various types of munitions, hundreds of armored Includes help such as shipping vehicles and other equipment.

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