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UK refugee reception program draws criticism

Arrival of Ukrainian refugees in the British town of Balham, south of London. / AFP

London has decided to receive only relatives of residents and those who are sponsored by a company and France calls it “lack of humanity”

Britain’s reception program for Ukrainian refugees has drawn criticism from the opposition and in France. London has decided to welcome only family members of residents and those who are sponsored by a company, following the immigration rules created after the implementation of ‘Brexit’.

The French Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, reproached his British colleague, Priti Patel, for “lack of humanity” in a leaked letter on Sunday. He pointed out that there were 400 Ukrainians in Calais waiting to apply for asylum in the UK. On Sunday night, London had given visas to 50. Twenty-four hours later there were already 300.

Patel has created a digital system of applications and temporary consulates in the countries bordering Ukraine. He does not want to generate a focus in Calais, where human trafficking mafias operate. In this sense, he announced this Tuesday that he will create a transit consulate in Lille. The Government of London estimates that the program will host some 200,000 people.

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