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UEFA follies: buy Saint Denis and that the finals are always played in Paris

To date, there is no fixed venue for the European finals. This year, for example, the Champions League final will be played in Istanbul, but not next season or the previous one between Liverpool and Real Madrid, which was played in Paris.. Precisely that city, the French capital, is the great protagonist of this news.

Uefa, according to the French newspaper Le Monde, The highest European soccer body is studying to buy the Stade de France and use this stadium to uniquely host the European finals. Can you imagine that all the Champions League finals were played in the Parisian stadium? Now it is possible.

It must be remembered that this stadium, which had its stellar moment in the 1998 World Cup final in France, has already hosted several Champions League finals and all of them hold great memories for Real Madrid, such as the game played in 2000 against Valencia or the one from the previous year against Liverpool.

In addition, the Stade de France or Saint Denis is also of interest to PSG, whose stadium, the Parque de los Príncipes, is giving problems for its remodeling with money from the sheikhs. In fact, surely Mbappé’s team is UEFA’s main rival for the purchase of the stadium.

Of course, the last thing we know about Uefa is that they are studying to play Champions League finals in… the United States! “It is possible to play games in the United States. we are talking about it. In 2025, the final will be in Munich. After that, we’ll see,” said its president, Alexander Ceferin.

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