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Ualá joined Isurus Gaming to form a regional alliance

walathe fintech with more than 4 million ususers in Latin America, announced on Tuesday at its headquarters in Palermo a new alliance with an Argentine esports team. To his project that began in 2021, he will now continue with a regionally renowned organization: Isurus Gamingwho competes with his teams in League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive in Mexico, Brazil and the United States.

Thanks to this alliance, the company Pierpaolo Barbieri will accompany Isurus Gaming players as a sponsor in the most important global competitions, such as the Latin American League from League of Legends, on the front of the shirt.

This new link between fintech and esports had its origin in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic when he decided to become the main sponsor of New Pampasthe team whose CEO is the former tennis player and current captain of the Davis Cup team, Guillermo Coria.

In addition to being part of the apparel, the deal included renaming the organization under the name of Uala New Pampas to use it in all esports competitions.

Guillermo Coria, CEO of New Pampas, and Pierpaolo Barbieri, founder and CEO of Ualá.

Isurus Gaming: an exponent of the Latin American esports scene

Founded in 2011 by the Argentine Facundo CalabroIsurus is one of the main esports organizations with the longest history in Latin America and together with Furious Gaming, “fathers” of the Argentine scene.

Known as “El Tiburón”, the squad It has campuses in Counter Strike and League of Legends. In turn, he is one of the few that have two high performance lineups in Tier 1 tournaments. He currently also competes in PUBG Mobile, Rainbow6, Chess and Poker.

Throughout its more than ten years since its foundation, it has been able to insert itself based on triumphs in the main regional gamer scene that competes in the most important leagues and tournaments in the region and with the highest number of classifications to the most important tournaments in the world. world like Worlds, MSI, ESL Pro League, DreamHack Masters Dallas, Blas Premieramong others.

Currently, Isurus has a structure made up of more than 100 people among coaches, professional players, analysts, psychologists, kinesiologists, nutritionists, content creators and first-rate marketers.

We are the most experienced Latin American esports organization, with players who come from different countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay and Peru, among others. This is reflected in one of the largest fan groups in the region, with the majority of our audience in Argentina and Mexico,” said Facundo Calabró during the event that took place at the fintech headquarters.

Facundo Calabró and Juan Cyterszpiler, the references of Isurus Gaming wearing the new clothing with Ualá as sponsor.

Facundo Calabró and Juan Cyterszpiler, the references of Isurus Gaming wearing the new clothing with Ualá as sponsor.

Ualá in the gamer scene

The gamer industry in the region continues to grow: while according to data from the Global Web Index consultancy, Mexico, Brazil and Colombia are the countries where there is a higher percentage of Internet users who play video games, in Argentina the Electronic Sports Association and Electromecánicos has a record of more than 19 million players in the country.

Since its inception, Ualá has turned to electronic sports to accompany a passion that is shared by a large part of its community: 1 out of 6 Ualá users identify themselves as gamersof which 50% are between 13 and 23 years old.

In addition, 3 of the top 10 stores where their users shop are for products linked to gaming. In this sense, the Ualá card can be used from the age of 13, with a wide range of discounts in the main entertainment companies of the gamer scene and the possibility of financing the purchase of video game consoles.

“The universe of esports has always made room for us to be closer to them and accompany the growth of a cultural phenomenon that is in full expansion. We bet on the development of the gamer industry that, like Ualá, collaborates with the construction of a more decentralized and inclusive world”, pointed out Martín Bellocq, Chief Marketing Officer of Ualá.

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