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Two members of the Sikh community attacked, looted in Queens, New York

New York, April 13 (Language)In the US, two people of the Sikh community were attacked and robbed in the Queens area of ​​New York. This is the second attack on members of the Sikh community in Queens in less than ten days. An elderly Sikh was attacked here in early April. The Consulate General of India in New York tweeted, “The attack on two members of the Sikh community in Richmond Hills, New York is condemnable. We have contacted local officials and the New York City Police Department regarding this matter. She said she is in touch with members of the community and is “ready to provide all assistance to the victims.” The Sikh Coalition, a community-based civil and human rights organization, said on Tuesday that two people in Richmond Hill, Queens. Sikhs were attacked and looted. The attack took place near the spot where Nirmal Singh was attacked on April 3. Commenting on the attack, Queens Borough President Donovan Richards said it was “another difficult day for the Richmond Hill area”. We have received information about attacks on two other Sikhs after the attack on Singh.” He added that his office is in touch with police officials to ensure that justice is done in the case, as the Sikh community of Queens would be anything less. is not entitled to receive. The ‘Sikh Coalition’ said that it was not sharing the names or pictures of the two Sikh individuals out of respect for privacy. Both are being treated in the hospital.

Meanwhile, a video has been shared on social media in which locals and policemen are seen surrounding two persons. In this, one of the injured is seen sitting on the side of the road, while the other is standing next to him and has covered the injury near the eye with a cloth. In the video, two people of the Sikh community are seen without a turban on their head. The Sikh Coalition said it was in direct contact with the New York Police Department’s Hate Crime Task Force, which reported that one suspected attacker was in custody while a search for another was underway.

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