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Twitter’s video app is “coming” to smart TVs – Elon Musk

Elon Musk is making many changes on Twitter. (file photo)

Los Angeles:

Twitter may launch a Twitter video app for smart TVs. That’s because owner Elon Musk has said “it’s coming.” Responding to a tweet suggesting the need for a Twitter video app, Musk replied “It’s coming”.

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On Twitter, a user named S-M Robinson said, “We need a Twitter video app for smart TVs. I am not watching an hour of video on Twitter.” To which Musk replied, “It’s coming.”

Following Musk’s response, the user tweeted, “This is commendable. I can see the day I cancel my YouTube subscription and never watch it again.”

Elon Musk is making a number of changes to Twitter and one of them is likely to focus on video, creator and commerce partnerships, the New York Post reported, citing Reuters.

In the past, Musk had said that Twitter would soon start paying creators with a payment block of USD five million for the ads served in their replies.

Twitter has also come up with a new update where it allows its verified members to upload 2 hours long videos. Tweeting, Musk wrote, “Verified members of Twitter can now upload 2-hour videos (8GB).”

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