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Twitter and Musk deal final, CEO Parag Agarwal expresses concern about future: 10 special things

Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal (file photo)

New Delhi:
The deal between Tesla company chief Elon Musk and Twitter was finalized on Monday. According to the information, Musk is buying Twitter for $ 44 billion (about Rs 3,36,927 crore). Here, quoting Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer Parag Agarwal, news agency Reuters has reported that Parag Agarwal has told employees on Monday that the future of Twitter has become uncertain after the deal between Elon Musk and Twitter was finalized. Speaking at a meeting, Agarwal said that once the deal is finalized, we don’t know in which direction the platform will go.

Read 10 key things

  1. After the acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk, the possibility of increasing the troubles of Indian-origin CEO Parag Agrawal is being expressed. Experts believe that Musk will not pursue the contract with Agarwal.

  2. According to the news of the news agency Reuters, after the deal, Parag Agarwal, speaking at the townhall, said that the future of Twitter has become uncertain. Since then this possibility has started getting more strength.

  3. According to research firm Equilar, amid ongoing discussions about the possibility of CEO Parag Agarwal’s removal from Twitter, the company will have to pay him an amount of $ 42 million if he leaves within 12 months.

  4. Human rights groups on Monday raised concerns about the potential for hate speech on Twitter after Elon Musk bought Twitter. Human rights groups are said to be concerned about his statement of “free speech absolutists”. In which he has said that I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because this is what free speech means.

  5. The board is expected to change after Elon Musk bought Twitter. Let us tell you that recently Elon Musk had said in his tweet that if I win the Twitter bid, then the salary of the board will be $ 0. This will save 30 million dollars every year.

  6. The White House on Monday declined to comment on billionaire Elon Musk’s deal to buy Twitter Inc., but said President Joe Bidney has long been concerned about the power of the social media platform. White House spokesman Jen Psaki Said that “our concerns are not new”

  7. The White House said the president has long talked about the power of social media platforms but has been concerned about Twitter and other platforms for spreading misinformation.

  8. Let us inform that Musk issued a statement saying that free speech is required for the functioning of democracy. He also said that Twitter’s algorithms will be made open source so that the trust of users can be won. Twitter has a lot of potential.

  9. Twitter has said that the publicly traded firm will now become a private company owned by Musk. Let us tell you that according to the deal, Musk will have to pay $ 54.20 for every share. Now he will have 100 percent ownership of the company. Let us tell you that Musk had bought a nine percent stake in Twitter earlier in April.

  10. Earlier, Twitter had not agreed to the deal with Elon Musk. But on Sunday, a report from the Wall Street Journal said that the company is reconsidering Elon Musk.

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