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Twelve pre-candidates present themselves for head of the City Government in an election with a double ballot box

There are more than 2.5 million people eligible for this concurrent election, with electronic voting for local positions and paper ballot for national ones.

Twelve pre-candidates for head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires They will appear this Sunday in the Buenos Aires elections, where there will be a double ballot box, since the electronic voting system will be used for local positions, while the national ones will be elected with the traditional paper ballot.

According to what was reported by the National Electoral Chamber and the Electoral Tribunal of the City of Buenos Aires, 2,533,092 people are authorized to vote, of which some 1,214,871 are men, 1,318,002 women and 219 non-binary people. For this first test, there will be 7,326 tables distributed in 1,099 establishments.

In addition to choosing the candidates for head and deputy head of Government, the applicants for the renewal of 30 seats in the Buenos Aires Legislature and 105 places within the 15 Communes.

On this occasion, the organization of the electoral process will be in charge of the Electoral Management Institute, recently created, as provided by the Head of Government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretaby establishing that both the PASO, as well as the general ones and an eventual run-off in the City be carried out concurrently with the national ones.

The Buenos Aires election raises concern about the possible delay that will be generated in the casting of the vote, since first the voter must present his identity document before the polling station authority to comply with the election of the national positions of President, Vice President, Deputies and representatives in Parlasur that are carried out using the traditional paper ticket.

Then in a second step, the voter will have to situate himself in front of an electronic device with a touch screen for the selection of the local categories. This system had already been used in the 2015 elections.

For this election, Together for Change, the coalition that makes up the PRO, the UCR and the Civic Coalition, among other forces, present as pre-candidates the current Minister of Government of the City, Jorge Macri, and the national senator Martin Lousteau, reference of Evolution. Both leaders are emerging as the favorites to succeed Rodríguez Larreta during the 2023-2027 period.

For his part, Union for the Fatherland has as a candidate the radical K Leandro Santoro while Ramiro Marra will be the postulant of La Libertad Avanza, the space that has as a reference to javier milei.

While for the Left Front and the Workers-Unit, the lists Unite and Strengthen the Left, with Jorge Adaro, and Fighters Unit and the Left, with Vanina Biasi, will compete.

The electoral offer in the City includes Alejandro Nizzero, from the Federal Patriot Front; Adolfo Buzzo Pipet, from the Free Movement of the South; Juan Pablo Chiesa, of Renewing Attitude; Héctor Heberling, from La Izquierda de la Ciudad (New More); Valentina Viglieca, from Labor Policy, and Eduardo Graham, from Principles and Values.

The list The Movement the City We Are Who We Inhabit It, from the Popular Unity group, is also presented, which goes with a “short ballot”, that is, it does not offer candidates for the Headquarters of the Buenos Aires Government but does offer candidates for deputies in the Legislature and in some of the 15 Communes.

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