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“Turning Red”: Pixar’s adorable bet

If there is a production house that has proven over and over again that animation does not have to be “children’s cartoons”, it is Pixar. His new production “Turning Red”, which made its debut on Disney Plus on March 11, continues the company’s tradition of using family entertainment as a Trojan horse to maturely explore emotionally charged themes.

In the case of this film there are many things that are seen for the first time in a feature film pixar. Having a teenage girl of Asian descent as the central figure of hers is one of them. Giving space for her hormones and those of her group of friends to manifest is another. This generates several comical moments in the film, but it is also necessary to give truth to the emotional journey of the main character.

In the first sequence of the film, Mei Lee strives to try to convince the viewer that she is a typical 13-year-old girl who has the perfect balance to fulfill her academic load, share with her friends and assist her parents with the museum. culture they manage in Toronto. The reality, of course, is different.

The protagonist freezes in front of the boy she likes at school and her friends are always trying to get her to break the rules without any success. More importantly, Mei Lee is under pressure to be the perfect daughter for her mother. As if this weren’t complicated, a spell that is part of her family’s legacy manifests and turns her into a Red Panda whenever she loses control of her emotions.

Although the plot ofTurning Red” is one of the simplest that a Pixar film has had in a long time and the animation seeks to evoke the style of the end of the 90s and the beginning of the new millennium, what validates the film is how the importance of mental health is managed. The last section of the movie perfectly illustrates how generational trauma not dealing with this can be. The fact that this is done within a fantasy and comedy context makes it even more impressive and effective. Watching Mei Lee fight for her emotional well-being is important and extremely entertaining. Achieving both simultaneously is Pixar’s specialty, and what’s most special about its latest offering.

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