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Treat Car Sickness in Kids: If children vomit while travelling, then try this remedy, you will get relief from car sickness.

If you feel unwell while riding in a car, these remedies will help.

Car Sickness: Everyone likes to go on a family trip. If you are traveling in your own car then the fun of the holiday increases further. However, children often suffer from car sickness, due to which they start having problems like nausea and vomiting while traveling by car. Motion sickness occurs due to car sickness. This happens due to different signals being received by the nerves inside the child’s ears, eyes and muscle joints, due to which the health starts deteriorating. Let us know the symptoms of car sickness and ways to prevent it.

Symptoms of Car Sickness

The problem of car sickness is more common in children between 2 to 12 years. During the journey, if the child is sitting in a place where there is no breeze, then he may suffer from car sickness. Due to car sickness, symptoms like nausea and vomiting along with stomach upset, sweating, fatigue, loss of appetite can appear.

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Home Remedies To Avoid Car Sickness

Ginger can be very useful in reducing the symptoms of car sickness. Ginger helps in reducing movement inside the stomach muscles. Giving ginger juice to the child can provide relief from car sickness. Apart from this, smelling mint or lavender can also reduce the symptoms.

These measures will be useful. How to Prevent and Treat Car Sickness in Kids

  • If the child feels sick, ask him to close his eyes, this will reduce the number of different signals he is getting.
  • Ask the child to take deep breaths, this will divert his attention from car sickness.
  • In case of severe discomfort, make the child lie down and place cold compresses on the forehead.
  • Sickness can increase if the child reads a book or uses any device during travel.
  • Eat simple food during the journey.

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