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Transfer of the subsidy to the groups: ‘We don’t want to find out unexpectedly,’ Felipe Miguel claimed

In the midst of the versions that show an interest of the national Government to transfer to the City the automobile transport of passengers, from the Buenos Aires Executive they demanded dialogue and They asked not to find out unexpectedly.

“No one from the national government communicated with us. The City takes charge of the public transport subsidy in a large proportion, in terms of subways and buses that have origin and destination in the City. Any modification must be done within the framework of a dialogue, agreed and that it includes a metropolitan look”, asked the head of the Buenos Aires Cabinet, Felipe Miguel.

It was during the press conference that the head of government Horacio Rodríguez Larreta led to give details about the return to classes.

In the midst of negotiations with the IMF, and the organization’s demand to reduce the fiscal deficit and subsidies to public services, the Government is evaluating advancing with the final transfer to the City of passenger car transport for the In this way, it seeks to get rid of some $ 13 billion of subsidy.

Alberto Fernández and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta in a meeting they had with Axel Kicillof in Olivos.

If the measure is finalized, it will cover 32 bus lines that they do not cross the General Paz and the Riachuelo, that is to say that they only move in porteño territory. The interjurisdictional ones (which transport passengers through the City and the province of Buenos Aires) will continue under the orbit of the Nation.

“No one communicated nor do we have official information. If there was any vocation to move forward, it should be within the framework of a serious constructive dialogue, with a metropolitan look and not find out untimely”insisted the head of the city ministers.

as reported Clarionfrom the Ministry of Transport led by Alexis Guerrera “the idea is compare the situation of subsidies to the rest of the provinces and the responsibilities they have in managing transportation and deciding on fare increases.”

Felipe Miguel at the press conference avoided confrontation, but from the Buenos Aires Government they consider the idea of ​​the Nation as “another blow to generate division and political damage”.

With the transfer of motor transport to the City, in turn, the Government seeks to advance in line with a claim by Juan Schiaretti, the Peronist president of Córdoba who recently raised the tone of criticism of the Casa Rosada.

Parallel to the increase in the ticket -to $59- in the capital of that province, the mayor Martín Llaryora insisted with the complaint and the deputies Carlos Gutiérrez and Natalia De la Sota demanded “stop arbitrariness” and stated that the AMBA receives 84% ​​of the subsidies in that matter.

Then the mayors Pablo Javkin (Rosario) and Emilio Jaton (Santa Fe) joined the proposal, with the support of Omar Perotti, another of the Peronists with a distance from the Casa Rosada.

“This responds to a historical claim from the provinces”, they pointed out in Transportation, with the aim of taking advantage of the initiative of the governors. The administrative path that the Government will choose has not yet been defined, which will try to advance with a resolution rather than with a bill, due to the risk of being blocked by the complicated scenario in Congress.

Buenos Aires is already in charge of financing the system in the suburbs of the 128 provincial lines plus the 114 municipal ones”, referred from the Ministry to the comparison between the two districts, at this point a classic of the discussions for resources between Alberto Fernández, Rodríguez Larreta and Axel Kicillof.



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