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Total divorce between Cristiano and Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo and Man Utd They are going through a lousy moment sportingly and the link that unites them could be broken in the coming months. After the club did not call him up for the derby against Manchester City, the rumors about his departure in the summer have been growing at a very high rate. To which is added the striking appearance of the Portuguese star in the sports city escorted by two bodyguards.

It was the Portuguese’s first appearance since the defeat against Guardiola’s men on Sunday. a hard one 4-1 loss in which he could not participate due to the decision of Ralf Rangnick. From the club it was ensured that the footballer had not recovered from an injury to his hip. However, Cristiano’s own circle affirmed that he had trained normally throughout the week and I was ready.

Ronaldo, not being summoned, headed for Portugal. The spotlights were on him and so he appeared escorted by two bodyguards both upon arrival and departure from the sports city. In fact, he was the last to leave the Carrington facility.

Last February, several English media published that Jorge Mendes was looking for suitors for his great scorer. Teams in France, Germany or Italy were mentioned, he was even linked to José Mourinho’s Roma. But the option that weighs the most is the one that contemplates Football Transferto the say that it would be Paris Saint-Germain the best positioned to get their services.

This is football, Cristiano could be the replacement of Kylian Mbappesince everything indicates that the Frenchman will leave Paris at the end of June to sign for Real Madrid, a club in which the Portuguese made history.

If everything is fulfilled, in Paris the two figures who have dominated football in the last 15 years would be concentrated. Cristiano and Messi would share the lead alongside Neymar. Is it possible to see Messi assisting Cristiano? The summer transfer market promises several surprises.

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