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Toño Rosario and Los Hermanos Rosario show that their blood and musical ties remain latent

Three decades have passed since the Dominican singer Toño Rosario made the decision to separate from the merengue group The Rosary Brothers to launch as a soloist, with his own orchestra.

However, today that blood and musical bond remains intact, as when they were teenagers. Enough that Luis, Rafa, Toño and Tony They sit together to joke with each other, show affection, divert their attention to play an instrument they have nearby, be playful and demonstrate that mischief that has always characterized the Rosarios.

This being one of the most emblematic merengue groups in the Dominican Republic, founded in 1976, the interview with The new day It served to remember unforgettable moments that they lived at the end of the 1980s and the beginning of 1990, when they earned the love and support of the Puerto Rican public.

“Puerto Rico has given us a lot of love since the first day we arrived. The appreciation that they have gained from our brother Toño, they adopted him since he was little, they adopted him since ’89, which was the first time we arrived in Puerto Rico,” Tony emphasized.

The anecdotes surfaced among the singers called “Los Dueños del Swing”, when dance events took place on Puerto Rican soil, from Villa Real, Hacienda Country Club and the Palladium, as well as other venues that proliferated at that time dedicated to tropical genres.

“Do you remember what happened in Villa Real? We and La Patrulla 15 were going to show up there and the people who didn’t fit anymore broke the doors to get in. It was a revolution, it reached the Police, ”Rafa mentioned to his brothers. “If they come back and open Villa Real, they come back and break them,” Toño added with a laugh.

Meanwhile, they remembered the times of “breakup” at the patron saint festivities in the public squares of the towns and the graduation dances, with their unique energy on stage.

“We spent about two or three months living here because of all the festivities and graduation balls we went to. Until Father’s Day we celebrated it here,” Luis said.

Regarding the affection and respect that the Puerto Rican public has shown him, Toño proudly says that Puerto Rico is his home, because he feels that he is from here.

“We feel really, very happy to come together here, the place where we parted ways and now we come back together here. It’s something very big for us. Here we are united, always very happy to show people that we love each other and that, in the end, family is family. Look to see where we came to meet after so many years, here where we parted ways”, said the voice of the popular song “Dale Vieja Dale”.

A reunion with a lot of flavor

From this meeting between the group and the soloist, an unparalleled dynamic emerges, which will be transferred to the stage in their next concert. “Reunion of the Rosario Brothers, Toño Rosario and their Friends”, to be held next Sunday, September 3, at the Jose Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico.

“This gathering has a very fraternal meaning. It is a show that we are going to do, but more than anything there is this fraternity that unites us and makes us more brothers every day, because we feel happy to celebrate it here in Puerto Rico.”said Rafa, the leader of the Rosarios Brothers, who presented this show to the public of New York and New Jersey.

However, they have designed a unique concert for the island, produced by José “Pompi” Vallejo, from Mr. & Mrs. Entertainment, which will bring together great friends and colleagues from the artistic class. “Truly, we are super happy with what has happened, plus what we are hoping will happen here, because we have a great guest, our dear Olga TanonRafa mentioned.

On the other hand, the vocalist affectionately known as “El Cuco”, highlighted the great friendship that unites him with “La Mujer de Fuego”. “Olga has always been my friend since I’ve been here. We have always been good friends, just like with my brothers, and she is very loved in our country. We love Olga very much. I love her very much because I always went with her wherever she wanted”he stated.

The interpreter of “Basta Ya”, who will present her solo concert on Saturday at the same venue, expressed that other friends will join her on stage. One of them could be Oscarito Serranowho two months ago made his first collaboration with Toño with the song “Playa”.

Although they preferred to leave it as a surprise who the rest of the colleagues who will appear on stage will be, Tony assured that the public can expect a lot of merengue, bomb and swing, without leaving aside the projection of images of his career, dancers and other elements. The brothers also urged people to bring out the most used tennis shoes they have, so that the audience is ready to dance.

“We will have successes from the beginning yesterday and today, from the beginning of our career, which were great successes here and in many parts of America, as well as the successes we have had after that. It is a very interesting repertoire. People are going to enjoy how they enjoyed that night in Youth Awardswhich was a wonderful push for this show”said Rafa about the awards event held on July 20, in which they had an outstanding presentation with which they made the audience take off from their seats and fill them with energy.

They did not reveal precise details of the show, but they assured that it will be more than two hours long. After Puerto Rico, they will tour throughout the United States, as well as Central and South America.

“As a ritual before the concert, we first have to thank God. “It is the first ritual that we do, to whom I thank for so many years, for having us together here, on this wonderful island that loves us so much and has supported us so much,” Toño shared, while his brother Rafa added that “we also invite all Dominicans, which are quite a few, to go.” Toño does not remain silent, and immediately refutes that “they don’t have to be invited, they have to go. The Dominicans, they are not going to leave us alone.”

In a reunion between The Rosario Brothers, Tony, Luis, Rafa and Toño. (Nahira Montcourt)

Luis, Rafa, Toño and Tony agree on the benefits they find when merengue groups emerge with new generations because they want to have competition, since competition allows them to continue advancing and reinventing themselves.

“Do you have competition right now?” They were asked. “Well, at the level of merengue it is difficult, but there is, and if there is not, it is worse. There has to be something that you always want to overcome and want to be better. It’s like that in music and in any career in life, you can’t be the only one, that I’ve already arrived”, says Rafa. To which Toño reinforced: “No, you never arrive.”

Now, they add that there are many elements that converge to achieve the place they have achieved within the tropical genre and maintain it. “It is due to the good music, the good merengue, to be aware of everything that is happening at the moment, to be punctual in our shows and give people what they want and ask for, in addition to making a Show with a lot of technology and behaving well, like the Rosario brothers,” they concluded.

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