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Together for Change will request the nullity of the Senate session in which changes in Personal Assets were approved

Together for Change will present a complaint to the court to request the nullity of the session in the Senate in which changes in Personal Property were approved, because the quorum was constituted outside the time established by the regulations.

This was stated this Thursday by the president of the opposition interblock, Humberto Schiavoni. “They violated the argument of Article 15, which says that half an hour after the session is set, it is declared invalid, it is not constituted when there is no quorum,” he explained in dialogue with the Eleven Ten.

The national senator maintained that the regulations of the Upper House have constitutional status and that not having complied with them constitutes a violation of the Magna Carta.

“The regulation is very clear. The regulation has a constitutional origin, it is impossible to violate it and this is a responsibility that senators and the president of the Senate Cristina Fernández de Kirchner have to watch over,” he added.

In that sense, he announced that this Thursday the presentation will be made before the judicial headquarters, after gathering all the signatures of the presidents that make up the opposition interblock.

Cristina Kirchner in the Senate

On Wednesday, while the ruling party was discussing the reform of Personal Property in the compound, Together for Change held a press conference to denounce irregularities in the session in the Senate, which they described as “null.”

“We attended a null session, the Frente de Todos did not get a quorum in regulation time,” said Alfredo Cornejo.

María Clara del Valle Vega (joined JxC and became Fuerza Cívica Riojana) was key to the quorum and, later, Alejandra Vigo, wife of Governor Juan Schiaretti, from Cordoba joined.

However, Schiavoni assured that Vega was never part of the opposition bloc, but that he always voted together with them.

“Vega was never in the JXC interblock, her motivations she will know. She voted alongside the opposition but was never part of the JXC bench,” Schiavoni added.

Finally, the Personal Property bill that the Senate signed into law includes changes in the tax floor and also in the aliquots. By 2022, the non-taxable minimum from which the tax will be paid goes from $ 2 million to $ 6 million.

For taxpayers, given the advance of inflation this rise to $ 6 million is insufficient. According to Miguel La Vista, from the La Vista Canal study, a reasonable minimum should be $ 20 million.


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