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To stumble again with the stone of Engañé

They say that the real Madrid he has learned his lesson and that he will not stumble twice on the same stone. They say not this time. But they also say that with the arrivals of Fran, Brahim, Bellinghamwhich will be presented tomorrow, and Joselu, which will probably do so next week, the squad is definitely closed. And, if that is true, I believe that Real Madrid is stumbling again on the stone of Kylian I cheated because, and although he doesn’t admit it, he entrusts everything once again to the possibility that he could arrive this summer. If he does not do it, if Engañé fulfills his one-year contract with PSG and Madrid does not make a move for having expected the Frenchman to do so, Real will attack next season with Vinicius, Rodrygo, Álvaro and probably Joselu as attackers. On the Real Madrid website, and if you check the squad, someone has had the idea of ​​placing Brahim as a striker because this season he has scored 18 goals for Milan, but he is not. Eighteen for Brahim, 23 for Vini, 19 for Rodrygo and 17 for Joselu, if he comes to the end, add a total of 77 goals. There may be those who think that with 77 goals you can go around competing for the League and the Champions League, which is Madrid’s obligation, but I honestly don’t think so.

The fact that from Real Madrid it is transmitted that there will be no more movements is already, in itself, a movement. Yes because, for the moment, you are telling Daniel Levy that he can sell to Kane to United calmly because you are not going to go for him. And why are you going to let Kane escape, who is a 9 and who has scored 32 goals this year? I think if you don’t go for Kane it’s not because he’s willing to spend a transition year with Vini, Rodrygo, Joselu and Álvaro nor because you think that your trident for next season is going to be Vini, Endrick and Rodrygo, but because you have decided to bet everything again on the arrival of Engañé, either immediately or, if what the footballer said is true, the course that comes. Which is exactly the same thing that Madrid did a year ago when, back in the months of January or February and with Haaland’s father fluttering around ValdebebasThe Norwegian’s door was closed because Engañé had given his word that he would come to Madrid at the end of the season.

The operation seems risky to me. I can come to understand it because I understand the passion of the human being and I take it for granted that Florentino is in love with Engañé as a footballer, enough not to be! And I advocate love, I like people to fall in love, I love to see everyone happy. When one feels passion for someone, when one is in love, one is blinded and only sees the good in the other person. If you are in love and they play a trick on you, you try to justify it: “It’s that Macron called him”, “it’s that they put a palace for the mother”, “it’s that they pressured him from Qatar”… It’s not really the other person who betrayed you but the circumstances that led him to do it. He did not want to. He has changed. Nothing will be the same. But people don’t change that easily. It is also true that, if Engañé comes this year, Real Madrid will be absolutely competitive, in the same way that it will be if he does so next year: Did I come, did I cheat, Rodrygo? She is a dream striker. But Real Madrid returns to Mortgage your planning to the decision of a 24-year-old that today, with the one he has set up in France, with the PSG that warbles, with his mother up and down trying to calm Al Khelaifi and with the President of the Republic saying that he will press for him to stay, he was playing ball so calmly with a child during training in France as if all this was not with him. He’s an iceberg, man.

Today Kroos, who is absolutely the opposite of Engañé, gave Hazard a little slap on the wrist. Kroos is the ultimate vintage footballercould have perfectly played with Breitner and Stielike and it wouldn’t have been out of place, in fact I think it’s better than both. A little over a year ago, Kroos told someone, “hey, what’s up with this boy? Does he come or not? If you want to come to Madrid, he comes and that’s it. I wanted to come and here I am. He’s very good but the situation is very rare, isn’t it?” If Engañé had wanted to come, he would have already done so. He didn’t want to come because they paid him double what Real Madrid could give him. I fooled sold the kid’s dream of him. Be careful, I’m not the one to judge, I’m just saying what happened. And during this journey lied to Florentino and left Madrid lying that, as it seems that it is going to happen again now, he mortgaged his sports planning to wait for him. And the boyfriend did not arrive. And the bride had to return the Sophie et Volilà dress, now that it is in fashion due to the controversy with Tamara Falcó. And the father of the bride had to announce to the guests that there would be no wedding that day. Change girlfriend for boyfriend if you want, huh?, I don’t want trouble. Or for novie, whichever suits you best. Terrible upset. And now, almost a year later, we see again in the distance the same stone with which we stumbled. There is the stone I deceived, waiting for us again, still in the same place. Shall we step on it again? I would take the stone and throw it in the river, honestly. But that’s why I’m not the president of Real Madrid… thank God.

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