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To make hair thick, long, black, oil and dandruff free, apply Multani Mitti in this manner.

Hair Care: Multani Mitti is very beneficial for hair.

Multani Mitti For Hair: Multani Mitti has always been known for its medicinal properties and has been used since ancient times. Its Ayurvedic properties make it special. This soil is also very beneficial for skin care. You must have also applied Multani Mitti face pack, but do you know that its use is very beneficial not only for the skin but also for the hair. Multani mitti is no less than a panacea for hair. It can help in keeping hair oil free and soft. Multani mitti is also very beneficial in removing problems like hair fall and itching. So today we will tell you how to use it on your hair and its benefits.

Multani Mitti for Hair

Frizziness and Dandruff

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Multani mitti can also be used to remove frizziness of hair. For this, take multani mitti according to the growth of your hair and mix equal quantity of curd in it and make a paste. Also include lemon juice in it. Then apply it on your hair and leave it for 45 minutes. After this wash the hair with shampoo. This will help in removing frizziness from your hair. Along with this, this hair mask will also help in removing the problem of dandruff.

soft hair

Multani mitti can also be beneficial in making hair soft. For this, prepare a paste by mixing lemon and aloe vera gel in multani mitti. Now apply this paste thoroughly on the scalp and hair and wash the hair after half an hour.

oily hair

Multani mitti can also be beneficial in removing oiliness of hair. To prepare this hair mask, mix reetha powder and water in multani mitti and keep it to soak. After a few hours, apply this mask thoroughly on the hair. For better results, apply this mask twice a week. This will help you get rid of oily hair.

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