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Tim Cook explained why Apple releases an iPhone every year and previewed a key future feature

Since the premiere of iPhone original, in the year 2007, Manzana follows a throwing routine that is updated every September. At first it was a single model and in recent years it jumped to four. What many are wondering is why there aren’t several new events instead of a single gala.

Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with the site Brut for an interview where he responded to several topics. From his personal commitment to the environment, the reason why Apple releases a new iPhone every year, among others.

The question about concentrating all mobile news in a single event has several answers. Regarding the main reason, Cook stated that Apple releases a new iPhone every year because many users prefer it this way.

On the other hand, he argued that, thanks to Apple’s exchange program, users can exchange their old device. If it works, the company tunes it up for its reconditioned catalog, and if not, it uses some parts.

Tim Cook and the new iPhone. AFP

Another of the questions that Brut asked Tim Cook is what he imagines the iPhone could be like in 20 or 30 years further.

I think it will be carbon neutral. I think it’s obviously going to be way ahead of where it is currently, but I wouldn’t want to give you all of our secrets in that regard. I’ll just say that, from the environmental point of viewit will be carbon neutral.”

In turn, Cook took the opportunity to deny that in the latest launch of the iPhone 15, Apple sought to whiten its image with its green ads.

The CEO defended the commitment he has to the environment and said that the practices that are being carried out are not pure marketing.

To show that they take the issue seriously, he cited some examples. From reducing the use of air transport in favor of sea transport or reducing the size of packaging and eliminating plastics. Without forgetting the elimination of the skin in favor of the new material called FineWoven.

In addition, he took the opportunity to talk about his personal commitment to the environment, citing some measures that he adopted, such as driving an electric car, avoiding the use of plastics and favoring recyclable materials.

“All of these things are actions we have taken and they all add up to a carbon neutral clock. and by 2030, carbon neutral products in all areas,” he justified.

Criticisms of the iPhone 15

iPhone 15 Pro Max.iPhone 15 Pro Max.

On September 12, Apple presented its latest mobile phone model, the iPhone 15 and its Pro versions. However, less than a month after its launch, many users they began to denounce on social networks that this smartphone had a problem in its operation.

One of the main complaints that buyers made visible on social networks is that this brand new launch overheated when charging.

Regarding this problem, the company reported that they identified “conditions” that can cause iPhones to heat up “more than expected”, such as in the first days of “configuration or restoration” due to background activities.

As detailed in the statement, Apple found an error in the iOS 17 operating system – something that is corrected with an update – that affected some users and that it is not a hardware failure.

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