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TikTok: how to control what kids see and configure the social network safely

TikTok presented a Guide for mothers, fathers and guardians designed to help them understand the platformin addition to promoting its privacy and security tools.

The intention is to list the security and privacy features available on the platform, as well as Practical tips for responsible use of the app. This includes everything from setting up account privacy to how to use parental control tools.

“Our priority is to ensure safety on TikTok, especially when it comes to younger users. We are extremely excited to present this new guide in alliance with Grooming Argentina and we hope that it will be a valuable instrument so that family members can learn about all the functions and tools that TikTok has available, and thus be able to accompany young people in an informed manner to have an secure digital platform,” said Edgar Rodríguez, Director of Public Affairs at TikTok Latin America.

Grooming Argentinaa global organization created to combat the crime of grooming and sexual harassment of children and adolescents through digital media, has collaborated closely with TikTok in the development of this project.

The secrets of TikTok, revealed. (Reuters Photo)

Hernán Navarro, founder of Grooming Argentina, assures that this guide constitutes a key tool for families and a firm step in the fight against Grooming in Latin America, a problem that represents most serious crime in digital matters towards girls, boys and adolescents.

“This initiative is an example of the importance of collaboration with digital platforms to jointly advance towards a path of protection for children and adolescents on the Internet,” he warns.

Meanwhile, Sandra Coronel, a member of the Digital Education Operational Management team of the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education, explained that the intention is to promote privacy and security when using the platform.

TikTok parental controls

The main points of the guide.  AFPThe main points of the guide. AFP

In the guide, you will find the tools that TikTok offers to guarantee the safety and protection of teenagers. over 13 years oldthe minimum age allowed to have an account, although this principle is not always met.

TikTok provides two types of protection measures: the limitation of certain functions and the establishment of more restrictive settings for users under the age of 18 yearsaccording to ages.

Regarding the profiles of people between 13 and 15 yearsare automatically configured as private, that is, they cannot receive direct messages, nor access the duo, paste or download options.

There are several security and privacy tools that allow you to have greater control of your account. For example, settings such as public and private, defining who can view, comment or interact with videos, filtering comments, controlling screen time, as well as blocking and reporting options.

The platform offers “Family Sync Mode” that allows teens’ accounts to be linked with those of their parents or guardians. This allows access to settings and setting remote security controls. Thus, online activities can be efficiently observed and monitored to detect and prevent risks.

In an increasingly interconnected context, the platform recognizes the importance of internet safety, especially for young people. It is essential to play an active role in teens’ experience and maintain an open dialogue about their safety and privacy.

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