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Tiger without going wild: 20 days of sleepless nights in villages; Search nowhere

Kurukkanmoola (Wayanad): ” It was a village that woke up in the morning and most of the people were dairy farmers. Lives on milkweed. Now everything is gone. When the tiger came down, he could not go to the stable in the morning. She is afraid to leave the house even when it is white. With the delay in milking, the milk supply began to decline, ” says Giles at Kurukkanmoola Thenamkuzhi. The tiger, which has been roaming the country for 20 days, has killed three of Giles’ sheep. Giles is guarding the rest of the car shed with shutters and the like. The tiger killed 17 pets, including his own sheep and cows.

Eight villages in the Mananthavady municipality, including Kurukkanmoola, Payyampally, Puthiyidam, Cherur and Koilery, are living in fear. Sleepless night watchmen, early evacuation intersections, nights of dread even inside the house … this is the current life in these places. This is the first time in recent times that a wild animal like this has been roaming in Wayanad and catching pets. Giles said there was no such incident in his 53-year-old memory.

Mary Joseph, in a nearby basin, said she was scared and did not even have a life. Not even sleep. They live by raising sheep and cows. It is time to harvest in the field. No one goes to work for fear. Mary said she would starve when the job guarantee stopped working. Surendran, a resident of the area, said that coffee was ripening all over the area as it could not be plucked. Rubber tapping also stopped. Children cannot be brave enough to leave school. The tiger, which reached the area on November 28, has paralyzed the life of a villager but has yet to be chased or captured.

Beware of the tiger coming … because of the tiger’s fear in the evening
Intersection at an empty fox corner

On the day of landing, the tiger killed Babu’s buffalo and buffalo at Kaveripoyil. Later, for most of the day, the pets became tigers. With the help of two kunkianas, a team of about 200 forest officials is searching for the tiger. Although the five cages are set as traps, the tiger reaches the habitats every day without anyone noticing. The tiger arrived early Friday morning near the new colony of about 60 unoccupied houses. The move to chase away the tiger has sparked controversy, with people, including lawmakers, accusing the forest department of failing.

The search is being carried out in the area with a curfew, restrictions on night traffic and avoidance of power outages. The tiger comes every day without any hesitation. As the evening draws to a close, more and more populated areas are being terrorized.

“We do not know what to do and how to live,” said Surendran.

The impatience of the natives, the protest conflict
A scuffle broke out between forest officials and locals in the area on Friday after locals protested that the forest department had not taken any action to catch the tiger for 20 days. When the tiger was spotted at its new location on Friday morning, forest officials were notified, but locals said few staff came without even a torch. The locals searched with Seemakonna’s stick and mobile phones. Municipal councilor Vipin Venugopal was talking to officials about the incident when one of the employees tried to assault him.

The incident sparked controversy when a video was released of an employee pulling a knife from his waist and trying to turn towards the crowd. O.R. Listen MLA Those involved went to the spot to protest against the forest officials. The locals blocked the road and protested.


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