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This was the return of chef Edgardo Noel to the kitchen of “Día a día”

In 2021, the Chef Edgar Noel He passed the baton to his colleague Noelian Ortiz in the program “Day to day” of Telemundo. This afternoon, the public enjoyed and celebrated the coming together of the two chefs on screen.

“This study is familiar to you, that I am here making this dish, and with this chef who is here,” said Edgardo Noel in the stories section of his Twitter account. instagram.

Likewise, Ortiz expressed his joy at having the businessman in his segment. “A day full of many emotions, the great chef Edgardo Noel was cooking with me today on ‘Día a día’ on Telemundo. To see this recipe you can go to www.telemundopr.comyou write ‘kitchen a day’ or chef Noelian, and that’s it.”

This week, in addition, Edgardo Noel starred in the weekly chapter of the channel Youtube from Ortiz. After 3 years, finally, both were able to celebrate having reunited.

“We talk about everything. A unique interview with the great Edgardo Noel on my YouTube channel,” noted who was also visiting this morning at the Saint George Hospitalin Santurce.

In 2020, after announcing the closure of his restaurant rosangelica in Camuythe chef assured The new day being in a process of evolution as an entrepreneur and chef while focusing on his new projects.

“The pandemic of COVID-19 It only advanced my plans, but it was not the reason for ending the project,” he said. “Now we are going at full steam to launch my line of kitchen products so that the flavor of the grandmother (Rosangélica) reaches Puerto Rican homes,” he added.

According to Edgardo Noel, after five years he understood that his life was going too fast and that he saw the health crisis as an opportunity for change.

“For five years I traveled almost every day from San Juan to Camuy and vice versa. I took advantage of this obligatory break to do some brainstorming and understand if I was really enjoying all of this. My being asked me for something else. That is why I will focus on social networks, on my YouTube channel and on television,” she explained.

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