Wednesday, February 1, 2023
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This is what Anuel AA and Yailin’s baby will be called

The urban artist Anuel AA revealed the name with which he will baptize his new baby as a result of his marriage to the Dominican Yailin, who calls herself “The most viral” on the networks.

The Puerto Rican ragpicker gave an interview broadcast by the digital platform Info Famosos on Instagram and said he was happy because “I have a princess now that she’s on the way.”

As he explained, the name he selected for his baby was inspired by the protagonist of the movie “Colombiana”, the Latin actress Zoe Saldaña, who has her roots in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Saldana interpreted the character of “Cataleya”, a name that is also that of a flower. Many call the flower Cattleya. Anuel chose Cataleya for her baby.

In the film, Saldaña gives life to a woman who, since she was little, had to be a warrior in the face of adversities and situations.

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