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This is the coffee machine of almost 7,000 euros that Sergi Roberto has bought

Sergi Roberto would have spent almost 7,000 euros on a coffee maker | Instagram

News for coffee lovers. Well, for coffee lovers with a lot of money in their bank account, of course. How much would they spend to have the best coffee in the world within walking distance of the kitchen? Sergi Roberto, according to the newspaper Marca, would have spent almost 7,000 euros.

Last Monday, Sergi Roberto reached the age of 30 and his wife, Coral Simanovich congratulated him on social networks with several photos. In one of them you could see the Barcelona player recovering on the sofa, with his dog and a coffee pot nearby. After analyzing the type of coffee maker it was, Marca has analyzed how much said machine costs and why it is so expensive.

The model in question is part of the so-called ‘mini line’, an exclusive design of the Italian brand ‘La Marzocco’ and that is inspired by the so-called ‘Classic Line’. How much does this jewel of coffee cost? 4,773.45 euros. But that’s not the thing since one of the accessories increases the final price of the product.

Sergi Roberto apart from the red coffee maker has a grinder with which he completes the kit and which is called Swift Mini. This accessory allows the buyer to grind, press and dose the coffee, further customizing the service provided by the already expensive coffee maker. All this turns Sergi’s coffee maker into a coffee whim of almost 7,000 euros.


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