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This is the Apple Watch Ultra, the definitive watch for extreme sports

Built in titanium, it competes with Garmin and has a screen that can be seen in any circumstance.

Eight years after its introduction by Tim Cookthe Apple Watch It is the best-selling watch in the world and has a 36% market share. But Apple is not enough. In recent years, they have advanced in the segment that does intense, risky or adventure sports, and where they compete with reference brands such as Garmin.

Everything about the new Apple Watch is designed to push the limits. Its design is made of titanium and its great 49 millimeter screen It is covered by sapphire crystal that is highly resistant to shocks and scratches and, in addition, it is twice as bright (2,000 nits) as that of the Apple Watch Series.

It is a watch that must be able to be seen in complicated situations, such as in scuba dives and other low visibility sports conditions.

Apple is often the company that turns devices into minimalist items: it’s famous for doing away with things like the buttons that bothered Steve Jobs so much. But in the Apple Watch Ultra it introduced a new one that the company’s other watches did not have. This is the action button.

The Apple Watch Ultra watch has a special orange button.

To understand why he included it, it should be noted that during the research period to design the watch, it was found that those who practice intense sports activities cannot be entertained by actions such as pressing a screen to search for an app. In fact, under water you can’t interact with a touch screen.

The solution is to create a large orange button that it is easy to find and that, depending on what is programmed, it fulfills different functions. Why such an intense color? Orange is one of the most used internationally in alert and emergency situations, because it is easily seen in low visibility conditions.

With a single press, this button can start a workout, change the interval or stage of a multisport session like triathlon, mark segments, among many other programmable functions.

The rest of the features of the Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra was announced at the brand's latest Apple Event.

Apple Watch Ultra was announced at the brand’s latest Apple Event.

This extreme sports watch was designed with a integrated antenna subtly in its titanium case; although it is very difficult to distinguish it. Apple included in addition to the usual GPS reception of the vast majority of devices, the L1, another of greater precision, the L5, which allows obtaining a much more precise geolocation.

By having a geolocation system so meticulous, Apple devised a system that allows users to indicate a point where they are so that, at any time, they can return to it, like someone who leaves breadcrumbs along the way to return to a point.

You can set numerous points and go to the one you want at any time. Keep in mind that these are not maps. It doesn’t even require a data connection to work. It is a function that will always be available on the watch.

The price of the Apple Watch Ultra.

The price of the Apple Watch Ultra.

On the other hand, Apple subjected its new watch to very extreme tests for a million hours and ensures that it works in the worst conditions, be it with a cold of 20 degrees below zero or the intense heat of 55 degrees centigrade.

The company claims that the Ultra resists both very low and very high pressures, sudden temperature changes, liquid contamination, freezing and thawing.

Apple Watch Ultra: the watch for divers

Apple Watch Ultra wants to become a reference smartwatch for divers.

Apple Watch Ultra wants to become a reference smartwatch for divers.

Diving lovers have in the smart watch Ultra in a reference. It is certified for 40 meters (WR100), a depth within the range of the vast majority of practitioners of that sport.

Diving watches are very complete devices and Apple gave yours a depth gaugewith an app that shows time, depth, water temperature, dive time and maximum depth reached.

The Oceanic+ app will be available from October.

The Oceanic+ app will be available from October.

In October you will have the Oceanic+ appwhich includes the Bühlmann decompression algorithm, dive planning and metrics, with visual and haptic alerts, no decompression limit, ascent rate and safety stop guidance.

But the Apple Watch Ultra seeks to be versatile in any situation. At night, with its sphere Wayfinderjust turn the crown to transform a red interface on a black background very practical to see everything without creating a point of illumination.

The battery lasts 36 hours of continuous use and up to 60 hours with a new low consumption mode that it shares with the other Apple Watch Series 8, with which it has in common the new thermometers that for the moment are only going to be used for female hormonal control and the new function of detector of vehicle crash that alerts the emergency services.

The Californian company made a strong commitment to the development of the Apple Watch Ultra to try to conquer a market that is foreign to it. And he will put effort into trying to be a reference.

At the moment, the price is even below some of the competing models, $799, which is too much for a simple smartwatch but may seem reasonable to those who invest in this type of sports equipment.

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