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This is how you can use WhatsApp on an Apple Watch: how to configure it step by step

Although WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in the world, the American company Goal did not create an application for the platform to be on Apple Watchsmart watches from the manzanita brand.

However, there is a way to configure WhatsApp Messenger on the watch so you can see text messages and respond using voice dictation.

After setting it up, you can receive and read text messages.

How to configure WhatsApp on the Apple Watch, step by step

  • Connect your watch to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. For this you must access Setting, Bluetooth, and accept.
  • Turn on notifications from the free messaging app, both in the iOS settings and in the Watch app. You will have to go to Settings, Notifications, Whatsapp. Once there, activate ‘Allow notifications’ and enable the three alerts.
  • Enter the Apple Watch application: Notifications, iPhone Alerts section and activate WhatsApp at the bottom.

After activating these tools, you will be able to see your WhatsApp messages from your watch, where it will appear as a red dot notification. However, Apple Watch won’t let you type answers or view media, such as photos or videos. It will only allow read messages and respond using voice dictation.

Additionally, dismissing a message will delete it from the watch screen and mark it as read in the Whatsapp app for iOS operating systems.

To reply to a message, you must click Reply. From the smartwatch, you can only reply with preconfigured short messages, also called Suggestions; by scribbling with your finger on the screen or tapping the microphone icon in the lower right corner to dictate your response.

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