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This is how you can delete WhatsApp channels without violating Facebook rules

The WhatsApp channels emerge as a innovative toolintended to facilitate the massive dissemination of information. This functionality, independent of conventional private messaging, grants exclusive control to the channel creator, empowering them to send messages in a unidirectional manner.

In this communication scenario, the subscriber identity remains shrouded in mystery, since it is not revealed who is part of this select group of recipients. This feature confers an element of discretion and exclusivity to the platform, challenging the conventions of digital communication and adding a touch of intrigue to the user experience.

Both public figures and the media have adopted the WhatsApp channels as an exclusive way for users interested in its content to stay informed. These channels occupy a prominent place in the News tab, sharing space with the Platform States.

However, for those users who prefer to limit themselves to viewing the statuses of their friends and acquaintances, without the interference of the channels, this tool can be tedious. Fortunately, there is the possibility of returning to the previous version of the application by making some specific adjustments. This level of customization gives users the flexibility to tailor the platform to their individual preferences.

Whatsapp: how to delete channels

The channels appear in the Whatsapp News tab. Once this function is activated, occupy the central part of the screenand the states are displaced at the top in a tiny way.

For people who wish to return to having the vertical view of the States, there is the option of remove channels easily and without breaking the rules of the application. This means sacrificing the channels to which the user is already subscribed.

How to delete WhatsApp channels without breaking the rules.

The way to make this new tool disappear is the same for Apple and Android operating systems. The person should only enter whatsapp And go to the News tab.

Once there, you must enter each Channel and unfollow them. To do this, the user must click on the three dots that appear within the chat, located in the upper right part of the screen, and Press the “Unfollow” option.

Once all channels have been deleted, you must go to another tab or close the application. After a few seconds, return to the News tab. Upon returning, the person will have the States in vertical view again.

The channels will appear below the status list as suggestion. It is important to clarify that if the user resubscribes to any of them, he will return to the current version taking up most of the screen and to eradicate it he must repeat the steps explained above.

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