Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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This end of the year take care of your pets from fireworks

One of the most common ways to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of another is using fireworks, but despite the fact that these are spectacular, our four-legged friends can be very affected.

The Secretary of Risk Management and Civil Protection called on their social networks not to use pyrotechnics in these festivities so that we can take care of our animals company.

The entity states that the explosion of the rockets can cause excessive salivation, tachycardia and aggressiveness in pets, as well as they can cause attempts to flee, so they could get lost

On the other hand, the Civil Protection account also made its own publication in which it asks to protect our companion animalsto of the Fireworks.

Civil Protection emphasizes that dogs are more sensitive to the outbreak of pyrotechnics, and that as far as possible they must be kept away from the thunderings.

Meanwhile, the Hermosillo Citizen Safety Committee offers some tips to prevent pets from being affected by the use of fireworks.

The committee explains that it is necessary to provide a safe place for them, close the doors and windows and put a background noise such as the television on, or music.

He also says that we can choose to use the antipyretic bandage, and that it is important not to scold the animals so as not to increase their nervousness.


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