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This country was shocked by the viral video of a man walking with ‘Biwi’s severed head’ in his hand.

Viral video of a man holding wife’s severed head in his hand

Tehran :

In a viral video in Iran, a man is seen walking around with his young wife’s head in his hand. The husband had allegedly found the wife involved in illicit relations. Most of the people in Iran were shocked to see this video. According to Iran’s news agency IRNA, police suspect that 17-year-old Mona Hydari was killed by her husband and his brother-in-law in the southwestern city of Ahvaz in Iran. On behalf of the local police, IRNA reported that the authorities arrested two persons on Monday, “the police carried out this action by raiding their hideout”.


The case forced Iran’s vice president of women’s affairs, Ensieh Khazali, to take immediate steps from parliament, and urged the authorities to raise awareness to stop such cases.


The public was shocked by this video on Iran’s newspapers and social media and there was anger over this killing. Many people had appealed for social and legal reforms after this case.


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