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This big thing made in Afghanistan between Pakistan and terrorist organization TTP

Dawn newspaper reported on Tuesday, quoting sources with knowledge of the entire development, that the extension of the ceasefire is a sign that significant progress has been made in the talks between the two sides in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.

It is worth noting that TTP is also known as Pakistan Taliban. In the year 2007, this common group was formed by merging several terrorist organizations. The main goal of TTP is to enforce strict Islam in Pakistan.

The TTP is believed to be close to al-Qaeda and is responsible for several major attacks in Pakistan, including the 2009 attack on the Pakistani army headquarters, attacks on other military bases, and the 2008 hotel Marriott in Islamabad. Bombing is involved.

Quoting sources, the newspaper said that after a meeting with the Prime Minister of Afghanistan’s Taliban-led government, Mullah Muhammad Hassan Akhund, in his office, both sides agreed to increase the ceasefire and continue peace talks.

These sources said that during Akhund’s meeting with both the sides, he expressed his desire that the ceasefire and talks should continue without any end date.

In the meeting of the two sides that followed, it was agreed to extend the ceasefire indefinitely and continue the talks, so that the conflict can be ended, due to which the tribal areas of Pakistan and the mass of people are displaced throughout Pakistan. and thousands of people have died.

Afghanistan’s interim Taliban government spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid and TTP spokesman Muhammad Khurasani issued statements earlier this month announcing the extension of the ceasefire until May 30.

However, no official statement has been issued so far to inform about the decision to extend the ceasefire indefinitely.

The development comes after “intense talks” between senior-level delegations from both sides in the Afghan capital and they seem to be on the verge of reaching an agreement.

Sources said that Afghanistan’s acting Interior Minister Sirajuddin Haqqani is mediating the talks, who have brought both sides to the negotiating table.

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