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Thirty Ukrainian children with cancer will arrive in Spain tomorrow

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, upon his arrival for a visit to the Center for the Attention, Collection and Referral of Ukrainian Refugees. / EP

Defense will charter a flight for sick minors and their families with the aim of ensuring that children are “cared for with all health guarantees”


Up to 30 Ukrainian children with some type of cancer will arrive in Spain this Friday, March 11, on a flight chartered by the Ministry of Defense, as announced by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

After his visit to the Center for Attention, Collection and Referral of Ukrainian Refugees in the town of Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), Sánchez explained that the arrival is scheduled for around 5:00 or 6:00 p.m. and that the minors travel with their families.

He also explained that this initiative is being carried out with the State Society of Hematology and Oncology

Russia attack, live |  Ukraine denounces that Russia only accepts a surrender

Meanwhile, from Defense they have reported that the minister of the branch, Margarita Robles, will go to receive the flight, an A-400M of the Air Force, at the Torrejón airport (Madrid), although this reception will not be made public to preserve privacy of minors.

hospital bombings

During his intervention before the media, Sánchez pointed out the bombings that have been registered by Russia on Ukrainian hospitals. In this sense, the President of the Government has denounced the “clear violation of human rights” and the “more than probable” war crimes that Putin is committing.

In his opinion, these attacks “should not go unpunished” and, in this sense, he explained that Spain, together with other countries, “is promoting an investigation in the International Criminal Court.”

In his speech after the visit, in which he was accompanied by the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration, José Luis Escrivá, the Chief Executive explained that this Wednesday he spoke by phone again with the President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenski, to whom he conveyed the “solidarity” of the country.

Thus, he has referred to “direct aid to Ukraine from the point of view of sending military material” so that the Ukrainians “can defend themselves from this terrible war” and, also “with humanitarian aid”.

Reception in Spain

Sánchez has assured that the Government has prepared “all the logistics” for the reception and first attention of the Ukrainian citizens who come as refugees to Spain and that it will be coordinated from three cities –Madrid, Barcelona and Alicante– where, according to pointed out, “there is a broad representation of the Ukrainian community” since “before the invasion”.

And, from these centers, as indicated by the Chief Executive, “all solidarity will be distributed” with the aim that Ukrainian refugees have “all their rights.” “Speed ​​up all the procedures as much as possible so that, in some way, the time you are with us you feel like you are in your country,” explained the socialist leader.

“Also so that those of you who want to work can do so,” Sánchez pointed out, before declaring that this has been the wish expressed by some of the refugees with whom he spoke during his visit to the center.

The President of the Government has insisted that Spain wants to “set an example of solidarity” of “coordination” and “inter-institutional cooperation” with the preparation of the centers, with a plan for reception and with the increase “in 12,000 places” of the system . And, in this sense, he has thanked the work of the NGOs and the Third Sector of the country.


“In reality we all agree that what Putin is doing is provoking a war against democracy, against the values ​​that represent democracy, the way of living and understanding society, of living in freedom, with rights and not live under an authoritarian regime as he represents in Russia”, Sánchez declared. “In this sense, to tell you that the struggle of the Ukrainian people today is the struggle of Spain, Europe and I would say the world in a large majority”, he concluded.

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