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they’re running out of time

Iberoamerican University of Puebla and University of Guadalajara.

The maelstrom of outrages, legislative reforms that destroy institutions or ideologically transform them, that deliver additional resources to the Armed Forces without any restraint for the rules, only gives the impression that President López Obrador and his hosts already perceive the immediate need to “ advance in the transformation”. The slovenliness, the violation of processes, the contempt for parliamentary discussion and exchange, and much less consider the opinion of society, is to such a degree that it seems that they are in a great hurry to consolidate principles and norms that obey the wishes of the leader. and that are thoughtlessly supported by their legislative majority. It seems that the government is more concerned with disappearing “corpses”, instead of leaving them in the closet for the possibility that at some point they will be called to account. It seems that it seeks to legitimize allegedly criminal acts with legal changes, so that they are already unassailable in court.

Many of these changes will face demands for unconstitutionality actions for violation of legislative processes in some cases, and for other violations of the Constitution in other cases. But while that happens, time will pass, and these legislative changes will be valid and will have implications that in many cases will be very serious.

For example, the approval of the General Law on Humanities, Sciences, Technologies and Innovation that destroys Conacyt, if it is not modified in the future, will have very serious consequences for research, the development of science and innovation in Mexico. This reform, for example, legitimizes the destruction of the CIDE and displaces the collaboration of private educational institutions and the private initiative in the research and innovation processes.

The Chamber of Deputies also approved reforms to facilitate the sale of public goods, taking away from the Ministry of Public Administration the power to monitor and supervise them. This only opens the way even more to corruption and to validate abuses already committed. Here again it seems that they are in a hurry to remove the locks to operate as they please and suppress acts today considered crimes so that they are no longer so.

The cancellation of Financiera Rural, in addition to leaving thousands of farm workers helpless, also seems to be due to the urgent need to eliminate any evidence of corruption and mismanagement that has already been mentioned in that institution.

The suppression of Insabi is not only a reliable proof of the failure of the health policy, but also seems to be trying to make us forget what happened to the multi-million dollar fund that Seguro Popular had. Where was the money? What was it used for? What seems to matter the least to the government is the provision of health services, now transferred to the IMSS-Welfare, which does not have the means to even moderately meet the health needs of the population that requires it. It is also set to fail.

Particularly significant are the reforms related to the Armed Forces, which seem to be in a hurry to accumulate even more power over civilians, taking away more money, more powers and control over the lives of citizens. The military are in a hurry to be assigned more money for the future, to be given more control and surveillance instruments over citizen life. No matter the evidence of the corruption of Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval, no matter the espionage that he has carried out against citizens from his own Intelligence Center (and directed by his son), no matter his incompetence and anti-democratic vocation that he has made patent over and over again. How do the Armed Forces get more and more power? Why does President López Obrador give it to him? What do the military know?

The government is in a hurry to “consolidate the transformation” without caring about the people or the country. Hence his outrages. They’re running out of time.

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