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They watched over the remains of the bus driver murdered in La Matanza: family, friends and co-workers gave him their last goodbye

The wake began after 8:00 p.m. this Monday at the Nuestra Señora del Valle funeral home, in Gregorio de Laferrere.

The remains of the bus driver Daniel Barrientos, killed by a shot to the chest at dawn this Monday during an assault in the Buenos Aires town of Viceroy of the Pinewere veiled tonight in a garage of the party of The slaughterattended by relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers of the victim.

The wake began shortly after 8:00 p.m. this Monday at the Nuestra Señora del Valle funeral home, which is located at kilometer 20 of Route 3, in Gregory of Laferrere.

Among the people who went to say goodbye to Barrientos was one of his colleagues, Jorge, who said that he had been with the victim just a few hours before he left for his usual tour, without knowing that it would be the last.

“We were together, I drinking mate, he a coffee. Always with a good vibe,” Jorge recalled emotionally, who has been driving buses for 29 years. And he added: “When I heard the news, I couldn’t go out to work.”

Samuel, one of the bus drivers who attended Daniel Barrientos’ wake.

In addition, he complained about the insecurity with which they live on a daily basis and pointed out that he was robbed “several times”, but that he was never injured despite the fact that the criminals had bladed and firearms.

In this sense, another of the bus drivers who were at the wake remarked: “Drivers are very exposed on the street“.

“Before, robberies were understood, because the drivers took coins, money, and the criminals took something. But now it is not understood, I don’t know what they want. they kill you for nothing“, he insisted.

Regarding the attack suffered by the Buenos Aires Security Minister, Sergio Berni, another of the drivers opined: “It may be that there have been infiltrators, but there is also a lot of anger. It is justified anger.”

Widow’s testimony: “They took away my will to live”

“For me it was everything. Half my life was taken from me. I lost the will to live“, expressed this Monday afternoon in statements to channel C5N Andrea, the widow of the murdered driver.

She said that feelings of “pain, anguish and a lot of sadness” invade her. “The only thing I can ask for now is justice, that they pay what they have to pay,” she said.

The widow recalled that her husband “already wanted to retire” and that they were only waiting for “the response from ANSES” to then devote themselves to their new “projects”, which were “a lot”.

We wanted to travel, buy our house. Live what we had left, start a business. We had the project of leaving Buenos Aires. Everything is very complicated. We couldn’t,” Andrea said.

“He always sent me messages when he arrived. Today it was exactly the same. I told him to call me when he arrived so he wouldn’t use his cell phone when he was driving. And he didn’t answer me anymore“, she said excitedly.

Regarding what her husband’s job was like, the woman said that “all the routes he did were very dangerous” and that his group “did not have a security camera”.

Andrea recalled that “many years ago” Daniel had already had an “act of insecurity”, and that he had not yet told what had happened to his daughter, who is delayed in maturation.

“He loved his profession. I was afraid that something would happen to him“, concluded the woman.


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