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They send 300 soldiers to Tizapán, Jalisco

Guadalajara, Jal.- The Secretary of National Defense sent 300 military personnel to the municipality of Tizapán Jalisco, located on the border of Michoacán, where there are recurrent actions of organized crime, whose members ambushed and killed the local commissioner last week. pass.

The arrival of the military and National Guard is recorded after the dissemination of a video of alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, (CJNG)who boast of control in the area.

The Brigadier General of the General Staff, Jesús Adolfo Amparán Hernández, indicated that the assigned elements belong to the ‘Task Force’ strategy that began to take up a presence in the entity since the beginning of the year, in order to support different security tasks with the purpose of recovering tourist and productive activities.

At the event, the state governor, Enrique Alfaro, said that this surveillance operation not only covers Tiazapán, but also other municipalities in the southeast of the state and the border with Michoacán, such as Tuxcueca, Jocotepec, Mazamitla, La Manzanilla de la Paz, Concepción de Buenos Aires, Valle de Juárez, Santa María del Oro and Quitupan, “I think the results have been very positive, however, it is a big problem that has hard moments.”

In a statement, the Sedena reported that it increases security with a special deployment in the area, “through the Command of the V Military Region and the 15th. Military Zone, and deployed the Regional Task Force, with a staff of two Army Companies and 2 GN Operations Bases to carry out various operations in support of the actions undertaken by state and municipal authorities.

The document states that “for several weeks, Mazamitla and other surrounding municipalities such as Tamazula de Gordiano, Tuxcueca, Valle de Juárez, Santa María del Oro and Tizapán el Alto, have been the scene of clashes between groups of armed men, shootings and executions” .

The assigned elements integrate a combination of infantry, National Guard, Paratroopers and Special Forces units.

For his part, the mayor of Tizapán El Alto, Martín Silva, called on the federal authorities to strengthen surveillance and prevent violent acts such as those that occurred a few months ago in other municipalities bordering Michoacán, such as Mazamitla or Concepción de Buenos Aires; “People get used to seeing them go by armed, and everything. Yes, they have gotten used to it because there is no other way. Perhaps not even the Government has noticed them, ”he mentions in a video broadcast on social networks.

The video of the ‘conquest’

Regarding the video of the criminals, it was recorded on Hidalgo Street in the El Volantín community, which barely has 500 inhabitants, and is a delegation from Tizapán, a municipality bordering Michoacán, located south of Lake Chapala, and its territory is the scene of confrontation between groups related to the Jalisco New Generation Cartelbetween and a criminal cell called ‘Los Pajaros Sierra’.

Dozens of men with long firearms appear in the video, aboard vehicles and wearing vests displaying the initials of the CJNG, and they shout: “We’re here and we’re not going to leave!”, while raising their weapons, while some civilians observe the armed subjects from outside their homes. Just last June 12, the Public Security Commissioner of Tizapán El Alto, José Antonio Langurén, was ambushed and murdered on the highway that goes from that municipality to Tuxcueca; an escort and a deputy commander of the corporation were seriously injured in the incident.

The attackers were waiting for the police aboard three vans, on the side of the road with light codes on, similar to those used by security corporations.

Although the police tried to repel the attack, the commissioner was killed on the spot, while the deputy director of the Municipal Police of Tizapán and a line police officer were injured.

The aggression, according to investigations by the Prosecutor’s Office, was derived from two confrontations; the first with a group of young people, considered ‘halcones’, crime informants, whom he reprimanded for disturbing public order.

Later, on May 19, the commander was unharmed after an attack that he repelled, registered in Hacienda La Punta and Privada Colima, in Colonia Loma Bonita, when he was traveling on his patrol; however, he never requested extra protection or an armored vehicle to move around.

Also, the conflict between members of the Jalisco Cartel Y the sawbirds, has spread in videos that appeared in the last two weeks. In one of them three executions are shown, and in another the interrogation of a supposed member of the saw birds who is required to report on the places where his companions are located or move.

The questioned person mentions that his acquaintances can be located in areas near the Colonia Santa Ana bridge, where it crosses the Río de la Pasión, as well as in the vicinity of a church and El Atracadero, a town that is on the north side of the highway. Morelia-Guadalajara.

On Friday, on the other hand, the FGR reported that the military found a stolen vehicle in the same municipality with 4 assault rifles, 1,273 cartridges, 51 chargers, 7 tactical vests and 200 grams of marijuana.

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