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They propose changing the name of Georgia and Sandwich Islands because they are in English: what do they want to call them

The province of Land of Fire proposed through a project modify the names of the South Georgia and South Sandwich archipelagos for being both of English origintaking into account the conflict over the Malvinas.

With the impetus of the Kirchnerist governor Gustavo Melella For the particular change, the officials who spearheaded the project chose to rename South Georgia as San Pedro Islandsas well as the change of geographical name from the South Sandwich Islands to that of Esquivel Islands.

After an extensive presentation before the National Geographic Institutethe Fuegian Government, through the Secretariat of Malvinas, Antarctica, South Atlantic Islands and International Affairs, formally requested the changes in the names.

Secretary Andrés Dachary specified that “Both current place names have their origin in English names” and that is why it was decided to make a presentation for the extemporaneous modification qthat will surely lead to controversies.

“In the case of the South Georgia Islands, they derive their name after a British sighting in 1775 by the Captain James Cookwho named the Islands the Isle of Georgia in honor of the British monarch Jorge III (George III) and then changed to South Georgia or South Georgia, with which we consider that they should be called under the toponymy Islas de San Pedro, as they were named by Spain in the year 1756 after its official discovery,” Dachary argued.

Furthermore, the official indicated that in the case of the South Sandwich Islands, named after the British in honor of John Montagu Sandwichit was proposed “that they bear the name Esquivel Islandsin recognition of the installation of the Teniente Esquivel shelter that housed the first three Argentine occupants “who remained for a long time in the South Sandwich Archipelago, being the first to live in those conditions and which constituted one of the first acts of Argentine sovereignty in the South Sandwich Islands.”

“This has left clear traces on our history of occupation and exercise of sovereignty about such archipelagos,” Dachary remarked.

Finally Dachary argued “the importance of carrying out said rectification understanding it not only as an act of sovereign vindication but also historical, cultural and identity“.

This presentation takes place days after President Javier Milei’s visit to the city of Ushuaia, where he met with Laura Richardson, the powerful military leader of the United States. The head of the Southern Command is concerned about the military base that the Chinese installed in Neuquén.

In addition, the President announced the construction of a joint naval base in the area. “It is a large logistics center that will constitute the closest development port to Antarctica and will make our countries the gateway to the white continent,” Milei explained.

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