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They promoted the daughter of Carlos Zannini and her husband in the Foreign Ministry and relegated other diplomats


They are Paula Zannini and her husband Juan Gutiérrez Tellería. Both are diplomats, but maintain they were inexperienced for the promotion they received.

Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero signed a resolution on Sunday that caused discomfort among diplomats. With his signature, he enabled the promotion of the daughter of Carlos Zanini and her husband who, according to sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, did not have the necessary guarantees to receive the benefit.

Those involved are Paula Zannini and her husband Juan Gutiérrez Tellería. Both, according to Foreign Ministry sources, were well below the so-called order of merit.

Zannini is the Treasury Attorney, he was Secretary of Legal and Technical during the administrations of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner and is a close friend of the vice president.

The diplomatic daughter of Carlos Zannini, Paula Zannini and her husband Juan Gutiérrez Tellería, also a Foreign Ministry official

Among those relegated were career diplomats who worked in the management of Cambiemos under the orders of former Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra and Jorge Faurie. They have more experience than Zannini and her husband Gutiérrez Tellería. Those diplomats now relegated from their promotion have even been working together with the Cafiero administration, unlike what happened with his predecessor Felipe Solá, who applied the policy of political punishment for the previous administration.

In conversations with this newspaper, the Foreign Ministry authorities defended the promotions. They pointed out that this year’s list is the one that should have been approved between 2020-2021 and that therefore they were late and that this was not put together by Cafiero’s management but by Solá, plus the Qualifying Board at the time. They also considered Zannini and her husband “good career officials.”

However, beyond the enunciated efficiency of Zannini-Gutiérrez Tellería, sources from the Palacio San Martín state that the current list It goes against the traditional order of merit of career officials.

This puts on the promotion list those who are looking to improve their rank with three languages, experience abroad and good qualifications from their bosses. Requires experience: a minimum of three years in the rank. There were thirty openings this time, and Zannini was 55th and her husband was 36th. They weren’t due for promotion now, but later.

With the promotion they will go from being first secretaries of the Embassy to advisers leaving behind in possibilities numerous diplomats who had merit or experience before both of them, denounced before Clarion dozens of diplomats in fear of being relegated to the next list as well.

Zannini was then sent to position 15 and her husband from position to position 31, anonymous sources denounce. In addition, they always had good destinations. Both will travel to Austria after having been in Washington and Los Angeles.

“The long-awaited promotions corresponding to the ranks of advisers and secretaries that were to take effect on January 1, 2021, were signed by Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero on a Sunday, an unusual day for these procedures,” complained a diplomat who is not harmed by the measures but who defends his colleagues.

Without the complexity of the treatment of the higher ranks of the diplomatic career, such as ambassadors and ministers, which require the approval of the Senate, the promotions of advisers and secretaries depend on the ranking of ranks carried out by the Qualifying Board, an internal body provided for in the Law 20,957.

On the way there were officials of the ranks with greater seniority and merits, with surnames radicals like Ariel Campero, or former secretaries Guillermo Spika and Tomas Giudici. who worked on the efforts of Malcorra and Faurie.

Also surprised by the lack of recognition for Yusef Saberthe Argentine diplomat who, together with Ambassador Elena Mikusinski, served in the war scene in Ukraine.

The official internal also expressed itself since they left out militant officials of the hardest Kirchnerism, sponsored by the ambassador Marilita Squeff and who also deserved promotions. The dissemination last week of the usual salaries of the ambassadors further irritated the spirits. They reach up to US$ 23,000 per month.

The Board that drew up the latest promotions was dominated by the ruling party. It was made up of the Vice Chancellor, Pablo Tettamanti; the former secretary of Felipe Solá, Martín Yañez; the ambassador in Colombia Gustavo Dzugala; the consul in Barcelona, ​​Rossana Surballe and Holger Martinsen who was the right-hand man of former Foreign Minister Hector Timerman when the pact with Iran was drawn up.

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