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They manage to install ChatGPT on a 1993 computer: what were the results

A hacker challenged himself to adapt fashionable artificial intelligence to a Gateway 4DX2-66 PC running Windows 3.1.

ChatGPT It is increasingly present among Internet users and, at the same time, nobody wants to be left out on a technological level. Therefore, a hacker managed to get the chatbot developed by Open AI to work in a PC over 30 years old.

In order to meet a complex technological challenge, he installed the generative artificial intelligence program on a computer Gateway 4DX2-66 from 1993, which runs the Windows 3.1 operating system released by Microsoft in 1992.

PC Gateway 4DX2-66.

“I didn’t want this computer to be left out of the AI ​​revolution, so I developed an assistant for Windows 3.1 based on the OpenAI API,” explained the person responsible for the device in a thread published in Hacker News.

In order to get a friendly interface with the intelligent program, he had to develop WinGPT, the name given to this tool. The engineer used the C programming language, using the standard Windows API.

ChatGPT on an old computer: the results of the experiment

OpenAI, owned by Microsoft, developed ChatGPT.  (Photo: Reuters)

OpenAI, owned by Microsoft, developed ChatGPT. (Photo: Reuters)

Although the operation of generative AI is limited, the effort to “translate” it to obsolete software is as striking as it is commendable. It’s about is a “miniaturized” version of ChatGPT which gives fairly short answers.

WinGPT’s inability to use the conversation context to save resources made it
be a version rather limited than the popularly knownbecause in the development process it was necessary to minimize the memory requirements for the interface.

Naturally, the content of the API (a piece of code that allows applications to communicate with each other, share information and functions) is not optimized for a 30-year-old version of the Windows operating system.

However, the interface connects natively to the Open AI server using TLS 1.3, the latest version of the protocol.

This unique version of ChatGPT is offered under an open license, so any user can install it on their old PC. You can use it on any later edition of Microsoft’s operating system, 16-bit or 32-bit, not 64.


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