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They made a ranking of the worst mayors in the country and “won” two from La Cámpora

A new survey measured at 24 mayors from all over the country. But the curiosity in the result came not so much from the geography they manage but from the political origin of the communal chiefs. Put more clearly: the survey made a special table with the worst and two from La Cámpora “won”.

The ranking, very federal and prepared from a mega survey of 380 to 539 cases for each of the municipalities evaluatedput it together CB Consulting Public Opinion. This is a firm originating in Córdoba that stands out precisely for its district-by-district measurements.

There’s a phenomenon that repeats in all cases and that speaks well (or less badly) of the local leaders. Both governors and mayors usually measure in their districts better than national politicians. For this reason, sometimes even those at the bottom of the ranking have acceptable figures for the current context.

The 8 worst

An example is this federal table of mayors. Only six of the 24 evaluated ended with an image differential against: that is, with more negative than positive. The rest, even two who were in the “worst” category, had more support than rejection.

The case of Walter Vuoto is different. The leader of La Cámpora that manages the city of Ushuaia was the only one who was below 40 positive points. He finished with +38.1% and -58.7%. More than 20 points of negative balance.

Vuoto had a very strong presence in the media last November and December, after the death by alleged suicide of the senator (also from La Cámpora) Matías Rodríguez.

The legislator found Vuoto with his wife and they had a heated argument. There was even talk of a “severe beating,” which the mayor later denied.

In the survey of C.B.just a little better than Vuoto did Luciano Di Napoli, mayor of La Pampa since 2019 and also a camper. combined + 41.2% and – 54.4%.

The bad guys’ podium was completed another peronist, but of different extraction. Is about Walter Cortesa historical unionist who won the election for the mayor of Bariloche, after having led the Commercial Employees Association for 30 years. He finished with 41.7% positive and 51.9% negative.

The other three with negative balance are Armando Molina (La Rioja, PJ, + 44.4% and – 49.7%), Julio Alak (La Plata, PJ, + 45.6% and – 48.4%) and Raul Jorge (Jujuy, UCR, + 47.2% and – 50.1%).

The last two are the best known: Alak was Minister of Justice from Cristina Kirchner in the Nation and from Axel Kicillof in the Province; and Jorge is the current general secretary of radicalism at the national level.

The two exceptions among the “worst” are two women: Susana Laciar, de San Juan; and Rossana Chahla, from Tucumán. Both had more support than rejection.

laminate (+ 47.9% and – 44.9%) is an ally of Governor Marcelo Orrego, with origins in the blocism and an ally of Together for Change.

Chahla (+ 48% and – 44.9%) is a doctor who was an official of the Peronist governor Juan Manzur and also a national deputy.

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