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They locate the remains of the 75 million euro F-35 fighter lost in South Carolina

Supersonic, almost undetectable and considered the most advanced in the world. This is the F-35 fighter that the United States had lost after its pilot ejected and which is valued at about 80 million dollars (75 million euros).

Its manufacturer, Lockheed Martin, the largest North American arms company, assures that it is the “most advanced combat aircraft in the world” due to its lethality and survivability of the pilots who fly it. The remains of the stealth plane were found after 24 hours of astonishment and ridicule, as reported this Tuesday by the US Army, and reported by AFP.

They were found in Williamsburg County, in South Carolina (east) – the same state where he had disappeared -, specifically two hours from the Joint Base Charleston (JBC), the authorities confirmed in a statement published on X, formerly Twitter. “Community members should avoid the area while the recovery team secures the work camp,” the bulletin says.

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They locate the remains of the 75 million euro F-35 fighter lost in South Carolina

The fighter is the F-35B model, which has the ability to land vertically like a helicopter and take off over very short distances, allowing it to operate from small short-field bases and ships with air capability, according to the company.

Unique stealth performance

As indicated on their website, thanks to their engine, the F-35 are long-range supersonic fighters and a design that contributes to their “unique stealth performance” to “evade enemy detection and enter disputed airspace.” », they explain.

On the battlefield these aircraft are capable of tracking enemy forces and blocking radars and disrupting attacks. In addition, they have a set of sensors that are considered “the most advanced of any fighter in history”, which also gives them advanced electronic warfare capabilities. Also controversial is its helmet, whose weight makes it impossible for women to take control of this type of fighter, but which has other advantages that Lockheed Martin boasts.

«The F-35 helmet is one of the most advanced pieces of technology on the planet. The information a pilot needs to complete any mission (airspeed, heading, altitude, target information and warnings) is projected on the helmet visor, rather than on a traditional head-up display,” they indicate. According to the company, this “greatly reduces the pilot’s workload and increases responsiveness.”

International interest

The F-35, in all its forms, is widely desired by most countries that want to expand their defense capabilities and its commercialization has increased due to the war in Ukraine. In fact, last Thursday the Danish Armed Forces received the first combat aircraft of this F-35 model that will replace the old F-16 that the Danish Government has promised to supply to Ukraine.

Likewise, also in the last week, the United States has approved a sale of these fighters to South Korea for $5 billion at the height of tensions with North Korea.

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