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They intervene a war arsenal to a far-right group in Austria

The Austrian Police have seized a war arsenal made up of hundreds of long and short weapons from an ultra-right group, members of the ‘Bandidos’ motorcycle gang, after the searches carried out on thirteen real estate objects of various suspects. The weapons, in quantities that have surprised the authorities, have been discovered stored at a farm and a nightclub in the federal states of Upper and Lower Austria. The seized weapons include 35 long arms, 25 submachine guns, one hundred pistols, one hundred silencers and several grenade launchers, as well as parts to assemble another five hundred Glock brand pistols and more than 10,000 bullets, as announced by the Republic’s Ministry of the Interior. alpina, which values ​​the captured material at around 1.5 million euros.

Those responsible for the investigation have also found a workshop and a clandestine arms sale with display cabinets. In the records, a kilogram of cocaine and five kilos of cannabis have also been intervened, as well as 286 data carriers and 600,000 euros in cash.

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The capture of 550 objects with Nazi symbols such as medals, flags with the swastika and literature of ideology related to Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist Party attests to the far-right tendency of the suspects. Ten people have been arrested, including a former leader of the neo-Nazi group “Objekt 21”, dismantled and banned by the Austrian authorities in 2013, announced Omar Haijawi-Pirchner, director of the Austrian intelligence services, who has revealed that the Records were carried out last Monday.

Aged between 35 and 50 years old and of Austrian nationality, several of them have prior records and convictions for neo-Nazi activities. Also for crimes such as serious injuries, blackmail and agitation against the migrant community and anti-Semitic statements. The Interior Ministry in Vienna has said the arms dealer responsible for supplying the gang is also behind bars awaiting trial. The raids have occurred after months of work by the Corium special group of the Federal Criminal Investigation Office of the Alpine republic, which has been investigating the Austrian subsidiary of the ‘Bandits’ since December 2020, founded in 1966 in Texas, in the United States. United, and rival group of the ‘Hell Angels’.

The biker gang was apparently planning to expand into Austria and it is suspected that they were arming themselves to combat their “natural enemies”, with whom they compete in illegal businesses such as arms and drug trafficking or prostitution. Both groups have several clubs in the country, where their organizations are not prohibited as such, although their affiliates and members are prosecuted for criminal activities.

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The general director for Public Security, Franz Ruf, explained at a press conference that the Police and Justice are working to “dismantle” these groups and prevent their illegal activities. Ruf has stressed that decisive information is expected to be obtained when prosecuting the suspects from the seized mobile phones, computers and data carriers.

“Automatic weapons are an alarming indication of how dangerous these groups are,” said the Austrian Minister of Justice, Alma Zadic, in a statement, who stressed that right-wing extremism “is a serious threat to our society and democracy that It must be fought with all means”. “This case shows once again how widely and how insistently democratic coexistence in our country is defended and extremism is fought vehemently, regardless of whether it has political or religious motivations,” said the Austrian head of the Interior. , Gerhard Karner. Karner has highlighted that only last year 660 ultra-rightists were prosecuted and 37 arrests were made, in addition to more than a hundred searches.

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