Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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They hire companies in the North with an integrated salary: Manpower

Salaries in the northern part of the country show many variations in the market since hiring is not determined only by the minimum amount but by the integration of other benefits, said Alberto Alesi, director of Manpower Group Mexico.

“In the Northern zone it is a pitched battle, basically we are not seeing that the industries are hiring for minimum wages, but that they have other additional benefits that are not reflected that have to do with the bonus for productivity, for assistance, for permanence , grocery receipts, among other factors, so the salary in border areas ends around 18 to 19 pesos,” Alesi said.

He stressed that if people want to receive higher salary levels, they must be trained and prepared to offer greater added value to companies.

“Unemployment rates obviously remain the lowest we have recorded in many years, however youth informality continues to be a major challenge for both public and private organizations,” he added.

“If you know how to do what few people know how to do and what is needed, you will earn more, but if you know how to do what many people know how to do and what is not needed, you will earn less,” said Mónica Flores Barragán, president of ManpowerGroup LATAM .

“Let’s remember that globally about 75 percent of companies say they can’t find the right candidates at the time they need them and in Mexico 69 percent of employees say they can’t find talent when they need it,” he said. .

Flores Barragán said that worldwide it is expected that 12 million jobs will be generated in relation to artificial intelligence and although there is no specific data for Mexico, he commented that in the country 22 percent of companies claim to use artificial intelligence in their processes, especially recruitment, and 22 percent will implement this type of process in the next 12 months.

“Another important fact is that positions related to artificial intelligence have grown 244 percent from 2019 to date and in the last year they have grown 41 percent and this will continue to grow exponentially, today one thousand out of every million of jobs are positions that have some relationship with artificial intelligence”, he highlighted.

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