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They give away a year of YouTube Premium to the most loyal subscribers: there is a single requirement

As a reward, those users who were loyal to YouTube and used its services Premium for a considerable time, the company is willing to provide an unexpected reward. Starting this month, the platform will provide a free subscription for twelve months to those who meet a single requirement.

And although there is no official statement that validates this novelty, the information comes from the 9to5Google site.

As published by the online medium, YouTube began to award one year of YouTube Premium free of charge to the most veteran subscribers, specifically, those who they have been subscribed to the paid version for 2,222 days. Or what is the same, something more than 6 years and a month of subscription.

At the moment, very few users have shared this news, there was not just an exception. Those who are creditors of this prize, receive in their account a voucher as shown on the site.

The poster where the award for loyalty is announced.

For those who have doubts or believe that they could benefit from this bonus, they will have to follow the following steps.

  • Open YouTube on your smartphone: Android or iOS.
  • Click on the profile image available in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to YouTube Premium benefits category.
  • There an option opens that says ‘Member From’ below the username.
  • After getting the data, you can get an idea of ​​how many years have passed since you started using the premium service.

At this point, in some cases, the “Members From” indication may not reflect the original subscription to Google Play Music. That date only indicates the migration to YouTube Music and not years of previous paid use.

There is no doubt that, with this promotion, YouTube is clearly putting an emphasis on its Premium service and trying to demonstrate that the effort is valued by the company.

How to watch videos without ads on YouTube

Newpipe is an unofficial alternative to watching videos without advertising.

Newpipe is an unofficial alternative to watching videos without advertising.

Advertising is one of the main sources of financing for YouTube. Both from the platform and from the channels of the video creators. For this reason, all its contents have advertising. Nevertheless, there is a possible escape without having to pay anything.

The most direct way is to subscribe to the Premium service. This option offers offline mode, background playback and of course no advertising.

For Android users there are several alternative applications. That is, unofficial YouTube players that skip advertisements. The problem is that not all of them are trustworthy since they take advantage of the occasion to take user data.

The most popular is called NewPipe. It only works on Android and is not found on the official Google site for obvious reasons. The installation is not in a traditional way, since one must download the APK file and activate it from the mobile itself.

For this possibility to be enabled, several permissions must be accepted, some of them doubtful. The first, “Install unknown apps”. Appear in Settings and continue the process through the guide.

Among its advantages, the most attractive is that it allows you to search for videos, view suggestions, subscribe to channels, view the playback history, create a list of favorite videos.

In addition, you have additional options, such as don’t watch ads or download favorite videos. Another of its utilities is that you do not need to log in with your Google account.


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