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They denounce that Leopoldo Moreau would seek to interfere in the case in which leaders of Hugo Moyano are detained

Despite “not having legal powers”, the president of the Bicameral Intelligence Commission, Leopoldo Moreau, asked this Wednesday to the judge of Guarantees of San Nicolás, María Maiztegui, a reserved file of the cause where he prosecuted two leaders of the truckers union for blocking a company in San Pedro.

The cristinista deputy sent this Wednesday a note to the judge and, also, to the prosecutor María del Valle Viviani, in which he asked her, in particular, for a copy of the “tax file (complementary actions) that would have a reserved character”.

Moreau argued that the request “is part of a summary of parliamentary inquiry that is instructed in the scope of this commission and that seeks to determine if there were political-institutional responsibilities in alleged violations of the intelligence law.”

Judicial and Together for Change sources consulted by Clarion denounced that Moreau “has no legal powers” to make this request. The purpose of the Intelligence Commission is to control the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) and other state espionage agencies, but “not to judges, prosecutors and journalists as it does.” And the deputy Waldo Wolff defined it directly as a “squeeze in”.

Moreover, the possibility of presenting a criminal complaint against Moreauwhich is not the first time that he has made this type of request outside his powers.

This request in particular is related to his political partner, the trucker leader Hugo Moyano, who has three leaders in preventive detention. In addition, Moyano’s lawyer, Daniel Llermanos “He has acted in harmony with Moreau in other cases for alleged macrista espionage”highlighted the sources.

Moreau’s note was sent at a time when Judge Maiztegui has to decide on preventive prisons trucker unionists and in court it was taken as “a form of Pressure on Justice”.

Recently, Maiztegui rejection grant the release of Mariano Cabaleyro and Fernando Espíndola, referents of the Truckers union detained for the illegal blockade of the Rey de San Pedro company.

This request from Moreau to Judge Maiztegui tension increased between government supporters and opponents in the Bicameral Intelligence Commission (CBI).

So senators and national deputies of Together for Change of the Intelligence Commission challenged the presentation that Moreau made to become amicus curiae in the case investigating the alleged illegal macrista espionage against Cristina Kirchner and former officials K.

Senators and deputies Alfredo Cornejo, Daniel Kroneberger, Ignacio Torres, Miguel Ángel Bazze, Gerardo Millman and Cristian Ritondo asked the chambermaid Mariano Llorens to remove Moreau’s amicus curiae (friend of the court) character.

Moreau lacks powers to appear on behalf of the IWC and the role it intends to obtain for the Bicameral Commission in the cause It is contrary to the legal regulations and alien to the regulations of this bicameral commissionl”, they underlined in a note.

In the secret meeting of the commission on December 28 of last year, the main objective was “the incorporation to the CBI of the new members resulting from the renewal of seats that occurred due to the results of the 2021 legislative elections”, the legislators recalled.

Other issues were discussed at that meeting, and in particular the amicus curiae issue was discussed, “the proposal of the (official) majority to appear before the Council of the Magistracy to request the impeachment of the members of this Federal Chamber.”

“This claim of the official majority was based on the fact that they they did not agree with the ruling in this case (N ° 14,149)”, in which he annulled prosecutions, said that it was espionage of “self-employed” and reduced the procedural object.

That is to say that “for the deputies Moreau, Rodolfo Tailhade and Eduardo Valdes to be disagreeing with a court ruling enables them to ask for impeachment”. Then the amicus in a vote approved by the majority K and the rejection of the opposition.

In any case, “the text of the vote that emerges from the minutes, the vote would be invalidated because they would have voted two simultaneous proposals in the same act: the presentation in the Council of the Judiciary to promote the political trial and the presentation in this case as “complainants” or “amicus curiae”, maintains the note of the legislators of Together for Change.

“East intrinsic vice in the formation of the legitimate will of the CBI to grant a mandate to appear in the proceedings invalidates it per se, transforming Deputy Moreau into a presenter who lacks legitimacy for such purposes, “they added.

It seems that Moreau “doesn’t care about the legal figure: whether as plaintiff or as amicus curiae or as anything else, what is important for he was to enter the cause” promoted by Vice President Cristina Kirchner.

“It seems that what the members of the official majority in the CBI seek is not to contribute or collaborate with the elucidation of the objective truth but accuse and prejudge, generating a political effect that is intended to invalidate or condition the actions of the Justice”, they highlighted.

The function of the CBI, according to Law No. 25,520, is to Supervise to the agencies that make up the National Intelligence System “in order to ensure that its operation strictly conforms to the current legal order.”

The way in which the Commission carries out its investigative activities is regulated in detail in the Internal Regulations of the Bicameral Commission for the Oversight of Intelligence Organizations and Activities of the National Congress from 2009.

In other words, this CBI “has control powers to supervise the management of the entities under its jurisdiction, and for this it must act neutrally and objectively, in pursuit of an interest superior to that of political partisanship.”

But “the Internal Rules of the IWC does not include the attribution of appearing before a court of justice as a “Friend of the Court”, underlined the opposition legislators.

The CBI”does not have the power to investigate crimes because, on the contrary, its competence in matters of control of the AFI expressly excludes that of investigating the commission of illicit acts, and in its case, if it detects the possible commission of the same, it must initiate the pertinent criminal complaint.”

“Moreau does not have the legitimacy to present himself on behalf of the CBI, since the mandate given by the official majority was to appear before the Judicial Council and not before the National Federal Criminal and Correctional Court No. 8 of this city, and in turn, due to the principle of legality, the CBI does not have the power to present itself as Amicus Curiae”, they concluded.

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